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Put a Zing in Your Step Motivation

Put a ZING in your step! To get you skipping out of the door with a summery zing in your step, make sure you eat a high protein breakfast & fit in a quick 10min workout. 1: Here is a quick 10minute HIIT workout for you to do NOW:   2: Take a COLD Shower – YES I

Super Core Workout with Rachel Holmes

All you need is 10 minutes for this super core focused workout with Rachel! Pssst- don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more click here

In Season Courgette and Recipes

Courgettes are a member of the squash family and harvested when young for a strong and sweet flavour. TOP TIPS: • Store them in the fridge. • Choose small and firm ones. • Use them spiralled as a great swap for pasta.   Healthy courgette recipes to try:  

Snow Panic Recipes To Save The Day

Do you feel you are amidst a SNOW PANIC whenever you step foot out of the house?? If you have been to your local supermarket you may have experience the madness- queues- empty shelves!!   Here are some recipes you can make from leftovers and simple ingredients you will have in your cupboards so there

Kick Start Lift Lean Results online

Lift Lean is a new programme all about strength training and fitness with optional nutritional guidance. The programme created by Rachel Holmes in 2017 has been running online and is due to be launched live in our Kick Start clubs for 2018! Read some of our results from the last online group:   “Really disappointed

Repeat After Me “I Can Do This” Your Weekend Sorted

Today I am arming you with everything you need to get through the weekend from start to finish KSFL style! Saturday Morning 10 minute HIIT 20 secs on 10 secs off   Breakfast smoothie/juice Lunch chicken and avocado pasta Dinner cajun turkey salad Tip of the day: Try and get outdoors today whether it be

Paula recovered from cervical cancer and improved her life with KSFL

Today we have a truly inspirational story from our Stockport Franchisee Paula who was recovering from cervical cancer treatment, a constant lack of energy and bad moods. Through meeting Rachel Holmes and trying out the KSFL lifestyle, Paula discovered that diet was the key and she had been eating foods that were all wrong. Read Paula’s

KSFL Ireland information evening with Laura

What an amazing turnout for Laura’s KSFL information evening in Ireland last night! Over 100 people turned up to find out more about clean eating, how the whole family can benefit and how you can’t out train a bad diet. Take a look at the pictures from the evening below! If you are interested in attending Laura’s next