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Today we have a truly inspirational story from our Stockport Franchisee Paula who was recovering from cervical cancer treatment, a constant lack of energy and bad moods. Through meeting Rachel Holmes and trying out the KSFL lifestyle, Paula discovered that diet was the key and she had been eating foods that were all wrong.

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Read Paula’s story below:


My name is Paula Thompson and I run KSFL Stockport. 

I have been a Franchisee since Kick Start Fat Loss started in January 2013. There were a number of reasons why I joined KSFL.

No 1 – I am a Fitness Instructor teaching various exercise classes and my clients were asking for dietary/nutritional advice and I wanted to offer an additional service but not sure how to do this.

No 2 – I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and once my treatment was over I started to look at my lifestyle which I thought wasn’t bad. 

I am a Fitness Instructor so I exercise and I thought I was eating the right foods ie low fat products, pasta, rice, bread I need those to give me energy – right? Dairy – great for my bones! I constantly snacked on fruit, dried fruit, nuts and seeds. Well they are a better snack than biscuits, aren’t they? I wasn’t a big coffee and tea drinker and I drank de-caf coffee 1or 2 cups a day, with skimmed milk so I couldn’t understand why I had no energy, always tired and grumpy. I felt I was shouting at my children and feeling miserable so I started researching on the internet and then I saw Rachel Holmes was launching KSFL. Over the years I have attended courses and gained my Fitness Pilates and Nutritional and Weight Management qualification with Rachel so I knew who she was and aspired to her. I thought WOW something different to what is on the market so I did the 28 day programme for myself and also to see if this was something my clients would be interested in. Now I felt I didn’t need to lose weight it was more health reasons for me but I lost 13 lbs and 15 inches and since I had my first child (almost 13 years ago) I got rid of my belly fat, you know that roll around the middle. OMG I was buzzing.

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I noticed:-

I wasn’t as ratty with the kids, my mood had changed
I came off my iron tablets. I am on other medication due to the cancer that I take on a daily basis but now it is every other day.
I have tonnes more energy but I was still teaching the same amount of classes and doing the same things as normal.
I was sleeping through the night.
What did I learn/achieve from this:-
I know what foods agree/disagree with me, what I can tolerate and can’t food wise.
My diet has changed considerably I have cut out bread, fruit, pasta, potatoes and eat these as a treat/cheat meal.
I don’t drink coffee/tea at home it is water, herbal/fruit teas I admit my treat is a latte if I go to a coffee shop.
I may have the odd panini but I don’t eat bread everyday as it bloats me and I feel really uncomfortable.
I get my calcium from my vegetables and not my pint of milk.
I fill up on vegetables and start the day with a protein breakfast which leaves me fuller for longer.
I don’t need to snack in between meals.
I cook from scratch so I know what is in my food.
I can still enjoy myself when I go out.

 I find clients join my programme because of weight issues but they see so many other health benefits as well which is great and this is what helped me.

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Paula has had some great results with her Stockport group and continues to inspire others, helping and supporting them to change their lives and transform their health too.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Paula.

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Do you have health concerns and want to make a change to your lifestyle?

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