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Are you at risk of Diabetes?

Did you know 1 in 3 adults in England are “on the cusp” of diabetes??? Data compiled between 2003 & 2011 shows the figures had trebled by 2011. The NHS Is spending one-tenth of its budget on the condition. Is this YOU? Diabetes can lead to : Blindness Risk of heart attack & stroke Nerve

A new programme focusing on not just nutrition and fitness but women’s health; launching in the UK

Press release 7/11/17 A new programme focusing on not just nutrition and fitness but women’s health; launching in the UK   A new exciting programme “Kick Start Prime” is set to launch in the UK for 2018 created by, Fitness Presenter, Rachel Holmes. “This is about more than just fitness; focusing on food for health

Is Sleep Contributing To Weight Gain And Food Cravings?

How did you sleep last night? I’ve been talking so much about sleep in my KSFL classes and on the LIVE Facebook broadcasts. It’s staggering to see how many people are so chronically sleep deprived. And this is having a catastrophic effect on your health and well being. Did you bounce out of bed this

Terri was surprised how easy it was to change her lifestyle and health for the better through KSFL nutrition losing 13 lbs in 28 days

Terri Johnson joined KSFL Stockport with a lack of confidence and poor health and now just 28 days on is seeing brilliant results… “…in such a short space of time I no longer feel overweight, tired and miserable.” Terri feels so amazing that her plan now is to continue on and make KSFL her LIFESTYLE. Read

How to relax and unwind after a stressful day

The Wellness Stars question of this week was:   “How do you relax and unwind after a stressful day?”   Work is stressful…family life can be stressful…FACT… and most people suffer with health related illnesses due to this. Stress also affects your ability to lose weight and this is why it is so important when on

5 healthy snacks to get you through the day

Are you craving bad foods after the Bank Holiday weekend? If your appetite is in overdrive, then take a look at these 5 healthy snacks to quickly whip up and keep you on track!   Stuffed Avocado Avocados are full of good fats to keep you fuller for longer and banish those cravings!   Green Juice

Have you got the #backtowork blues?

I hope you all had a fantastic Bank Holiday weekend! It is lovely just to slow down and enjoy some time off with the family… but it is often hard to get back out of the SLOW MOTION MINDSET! Here are my top tips to get back into your working week! DITCH THE GUILT YES you

Paula recovered from cervical cancer and improved her life with KSFL

Today we have a truly inspirational story from our Stockport Franchisee Paula who was recovering from cervical cancer treatment, a constant lack of energy and bad moods. Through meeting Rachel Holmes and trying out the KSFL lifestyle, Paula discovered that diet was the key and she had been eating foods that were all wrong. Read Paula’s

KSFL Recipes to get my Teen into healthy food

I have been running a free teen specific programme recently and it has been fantastic, it is surprising just how much they get into healthy food once they see how they can feel! Are your teens increasingly getting into junk food? Or are they health conscious and looking for some recipes they will like? We

KSFL improving skin conditions

Having suffered with Eczema myself, I understand how diet is so important to skin health. Through the KSFL way of eating I learnt it was dairy that flared up my eczema and now I can control it with the right food that works for me. What is the link between food and skin conditions? Whether your