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9 Minute Standing Fitness Pilates Flow Workout

A 9 minute standing Fitness Pilates Flow routine designed to strengthen and lengthen the whole body in a functional capacity. Take it easy for your Monday workout with this great 9 minute workout- its quick and will leave you feeling lengthened and relaxed ! Please remember to LIKE the video. Subscribe and share on your

Kick Start Elevate Spring Sprinter Week 2 with Rachel Holmes WOW Results

🎉Spring Sprinter Week 2🎉 Nutrition Plan 7 Day Rapid Fat Loss and the team are raring to go!! See some of their results, selfies and foodie pics from the last week: Do you want to start an online programme today? Try one of our ON DEMAND programmes… click here for info ✅For recipes, workouts and

Kick Start Monday Newsletter

Kick Start NEW Newsletter  Hi Are you all set for the week ahead? Here is a workout for you to Kick Start your Monday. Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier than normal as soon as it wakes you up tomorrow…………… Don’t ponder. Don’t dwell. Don’t start scrolling. 54321 and GO. Pull on your kit and

Monday Motivation Tips for a Successful Day

Did you have a great weekend? Hands up if you have just written (or are about to) the longest “To-Do-List”in the universe, as it’s “Get Back On it Monday” Have you bounced out of bed & thought… “Right….this week I’m going to…. ” Be SO Healthy, Workout every day, Meditate every da Do my 10,000

Are you really a breakfast person?

Are YOU really a breakfast person? Have you had a sneaky feeling in the back of your mind that you are not actually hungry first thing? But you eat anyway thinking that is the healthy approach. BUT As soon as you do eat it seems to open the floodgates to being hungry all day? Is