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Are you really a breakfast person?

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Are YOU really a breakfast person?

Have you had a sneaky feeling in
the back of your mind that you are
not actually hungry first thing?

But you eat anyway thinking that is the
healthy approach.


As soon as you do eat it
seems to open the floodgates
to being hungry all day?
Is this you?

* * You are actually not hungry first thing?

* * The moment you finish eating breakfast,
you suddenly feel ravenous?

* * Eating breakfast first thing makes you so ravenous
that you start eating more food within 20 minutes of having finished eating breakfast?
It is as if I had not even eaten breakfast!

Are you then I counting down the seconds until your next meal?

For many people , eating breakfast first thing in the morning is the equivalent of opening
up the floodgates to an all-day snack-a-thon?
Why Does Eating Breakfast Make You Hungrier?

About 20-30 minutes after you wake up in the morning,
your blood cortisol levels increase by about 50%.

This is the Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR), and it happens in anticipation of the demands of your upcoming day

So your cortisol levels rise and reach a peak around the same time as you eat your morning breakfast.

This augments your feeding-induced insulin secretion.

In other words, if you eat something during CAR,
your insulin secretion is boosted.

The insulin surge is followed by a drop in your
blood glucose, with the result being extreme hunger.
This would NOT occur if you ate the same meal later in the day.

Once You Start, You Can’t Stop

If you eat breakfast in the morning,
and then you just can’t stop eating thereafter, try changing your breakfast timing

AND ensure you eat a High Fat / Good Protein style breakfast.

For example:-)

Salmon, Eggs & Avocado

Eggs (any style) cooked in coconut oil.

Organic bacon & eggs cooked in coconut oil.

Create your own Greens Juice.

Think of it as a healthy fat burning ”brunch”

The fats and protein will keep you going for hours,
no need to snack and you feel alert, energised and
on top of your game for the rest of the day.

ultimate green juice

Happy Monday!


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