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Kick Start Healthy Muffin Recipes

Do you love muffins? We have the healthy answer with these great Kick Start recipes:  

Issue 13 Kick Start Fat Loss Magazine

Edition 13 Kick Start Fat Loss Digital Magazine Click here for the latest magazine  KS Mag 13 copy


CLEAN NANAIMO BARS. KSFL STYLE     WE LOVE chocolate and chocolate brings every one together! Laura who is the Kick Start Franchisee Owner from Ireland created these EXCEPTIONAL bars… why don’t you knock these up for Halloween. Laura has been teasing us all week on social media for the recipe and here it is.

Grab the Kick Start Home Workout DVDS while on OFFER

  The Kick Start Fat Loss Home Workout DVD’s with Rachel Holmes Volume 1, Volume 2 & Volume 3 On Offer Today   KSFL Home Workout DVD 1 – £10 + VAT + Postage Its a great DVD containing 4 x 30minute workouts that you can easily do at home. Click to play 4 x

Happy Healthy BBQing KSFL Style

    Its SUNNY. Its HOT. Its BBQ time! YAH! Here a quick guide to cooking super duper healthy meat BBQ stylee… When BBQing on an open flame or grill meat tastes A-MAZING.. BUT.. Theres always a but.. When the fat from the meat hits the coals it creates inflammation causing HCA’s & PAH’s What

Is Your Saucepan Effecting Your Thyroids?

Are you ready for some new Pans? If you are clean eating & taking care with your  nutrition, I wonder if you stop to think much about the pots, pans & cookware you use? Non-stick cookware & bakeware has become enormously popular because its so convenient . Foods slide right off, reducing the amount of

Why We Love The Kick Start Ketogenic Diet For Health & Fatloss

What Is a Ketogenic Diet & Why We Love Ketones on Kick Start Fat Loss. There is lots of chat and talk about Ketogenic diets at the moment. You may have seen the word on blogs & social media but maybe you are not too sure exactly what it means. The great news is that

Kick Start Banana & Date Tea Loaf

Another fab recipe idea from the Kick Start Sweet Treats Book Thanks for all the feedback on the recipes:-) I’m so glad you are all enjoying them! Please feel free to share these on your social media. Have a great day Tweet me @RachelHolmes @KickStartFatLoss   Get the Sweet Treats Cook BOOK for £5.99

Kick Start Gluten Free Bread

Are you missing your daily Bread? Why don’t you make your own? These recipes are gluten free and totally healthy and as ever so easy to make.                                                       Thanks