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Menopause Part 9 Kick Start Newsletter

Hello  Are You Eating Enough Protein In Menopause? As estrogen levels are dropping with the hormonal changes and the metabolic rate is slowing down during the menopause phase, it is helpful to track your macro-nutrients and see if you are eating enough protein. Studies show protein will keep hunger at bay for longer and with


  ☀️BE A FOUNDING MEMBER☀️   #KSMC is launching and I am so excited to share with you what it is all about.🧡… I have been working super hard on this one to deliver to you the best programmes I can all in one place for a monthly membership and you can ❌cancel at any

Do you know about cortisol?

Do You Know About Cortisol? If You are Over 35 and your Belly Fat is getting thicker then your body could be producing chronic amounts of the hormone Cortisol. What is Cortisol? It is the fat storing and stress hormone and if you Adrenal glands are producing excess cortisol you will see the stubborn fat

Meet Andrea Riddoch building a brilliant support network through KSFL

Andrea has been a Franchisee for 2 years now and is developing her business to new levels every day. Her support network is growing and she is getting brilliant results. As one of our top KSFL chefs she is always coming up with new, delicious recipes that everyone loves!   Read her story below:   I launched