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Meet Helen Barness who qualified as a nutrition coach with KSFL

KSFL’s Helen has built a successful online business and now with her qualifications she is growing stronger by the day. Read Helen’s story here: Helen launched her KSFL Thurrock Club during 2015 and has one LIVE Class with her energy going into developing the online side of KSFL. Helen recently became a Qualified Kick Start Fat

Meet Lisa Lockwood KSFL member into an instructor

Lisa had many health problems and lacked in confidence. Through KSFL she transformed her appearance, health and decided to teach others how they can do the same. Through KSFL she is now working in an area she is truly passionate about and getting the qualifications she needs to build a thriving business. I have an

Meet Heather Pring busy Mum of 5 and entrepreneur

Meet Heather KSFL Franchisee for West Somerset. Heather is a new Franchisee with her launch in January 2016 and has used her own experience as her drive to help others. With 5 children Heather shows that no matter how busy you are with home life you can still get out there and start a business