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Healthy Eating Bank Holiday Recipes

Happy Bank Holiday weekend once again!  We have chosen some family friendly Kick Start recipes to make your weekend as easy as possible. These are great fun to make with the kids too 🙂 Please share your #BankHoliday cooking pics with us @KSFLUK />

Are you watching Sugar Free Farm? FREE sugar free challenge

  Have you been watching it? I have really enjoyed this series as they have been hitting some major points on nutrition; here are some of the key points: This year they focused on dropping processed foods and starchy carbs from their diet and last night especially focused on grass-fed and organic meat and the

Fat is not to blame and the sugar pay off

I am sure you have read the recent news about the “Sugar pay off” this is shocking news of corruption revealing the lack of trust we should have in research and the sugar industry. Here at Kick Start we have been battling for years in the sugar vs fat argument and finally the truth is coming to light…

Can you do a sugar free Tuesday?

Are you still struggling with SUGAR? Over the last few days you may have been consuming ALOT of it! I have done a tour of Kick Start launches all over the UK every year and the biggest PROBLEM everyone says is……. How Do I Stop Eating Sugar? Just start one day at a time. And

Are you sick of outdated fat loss information?

You will have noticed how fat loss and dieting information has changed over the decades. As more research is conducted and we get to know more and more about the human body, we uncover better ways to upgrade our health, feel sharp & lose the body fat we don’t want BUT The food companies don’t

Episode 10 – ALL Sugars ARE Equal

All SUGARS – Even So Called “Healthy Sugars & Sweeteners” Are Equal Sugar is a confusing little devil. It sneaks into so much of our food and we don’t even realise it. What is important to understand is that the body treats ALL sugar in the same way. Even the so called “Healthy Sweetners” like

10 Tips To Have A Sugar Free Saturday

  The weekend is HERE!!! YEAHHHH And we know how difficult it can be to avoid sugar. Its flippin everywhere, on everything, it has us surrounded……..     Unless you want to be a hermit,socialising & heading out for food  can be a some what tricky…. But not impossible……. Here’s another one of  my famous