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Have you been watching it?

I have really enjoyed this series as they have been hitting some major points on nutrition; here are some of the key points:

red-tick-hiThis year they focused on dropping processed foods and starchy carbs from their diet and last night especially focused on grass-fed and organic meat and the differences. It was unbelievable when they made sausages and revealed exactly what is in them…URGH!


It is great to see the results they are getting too and the change in mindset from the celebs!

Sugar addiction is a BIG DEAL, after a few days of struggling and mood swings Gemma said ” I have come through the other side and I feel great”.

It is TRUE Once you battle through the downs you will come up the other side and feel fantastic- full of energy!


They have also been talking about GOOD fats “Eat real butter…never low fat spreads” and we have been talking about this for years… it is great to see the message is finally getting through. Good fats help brain function and are key in our diets.


Last night’s episode mentioned the link between sugar and diabetes, cancer, heart trouble and more major health issues- if you are a sugar addict it isn’t too late to reduce your sugar intake and improve your health.


Please share your results with us!


All TICKS for us…. a great programme highlighting some key issues with sugar, give it a watch here if you missed it CLICK HERE 


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