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5 Steps To get Back On Track

Hello Happy Monday NEW PODCAST If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with how to get on track with your nutrition, health and fitness I’ve recorded a 15 minute podcast on 5 simple steps you can kick of with this week  If you need a simple plan to get going again and where to start

Are you too busy being busy?

Busy Busy Busy Everyone is soooo busy being busy.   That’s all I’ve heard this week from everyone around me AND That voice in my own head. Rushing about at break neck speed. Cramming business, work, filming, writing, creating, inspiring, teaching, socialising, meeting deadlines, eating & sleeping into every single day! It’s been a constant

Exercise if you have asthma!

  30 minutes exercise a day relieves asthma symptoms! There are millions of people who suffer with asthma. Sometimes you feel like the medication can be overwhelming and wish you didn’t have to rely on that puffer so much! Fortunately, new research shows there is a simple antidote: 30 minutes of exercise a day! Recently experts from Concordia

Thirty and Thriving

  Louise Thomas a Nursery Manager from Hertfordshire, was horrified when she stepped onto the scales in January of this year and saw her weight at 16 stones. With the festive period behind and her 30th birthday fast approaching, the busy mum of one was in need of some motivation, help and expert guidance when tackling