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5 Ways To Smash Sugar Cravings

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Have You Got a Sugar Problem- (1)



We are getting all ready
& prepped for
the #SugarFreeSeptember


Those pesky sugar cravings


Sugar actually changes your
brain chemistry. Conclusive
evidence shows us that
sugar is highly addictive.


So, don’t panic if you find it
tough & you are feeling the
withdrawal effects .


Depending on
your personality type there are
2 ways to tackle sugar:


1: All or Nothing.
Just go complete cold turkey
& cut it out. Be ruthless.
Tell everyone around you
what you are doing & to stay


2: Cut down a little bit
every day & ease your way out
of it.


YOU know your personality
so take control & go with the right
method for you.



7 Ways To Get Of Sugar AND Lose Body Fat.

1: Start the day with a workout – Heres
one of my favorites
it’s called the Ab Ladder.

2: Eat a protein rich lunch style breakfast.

Cut cereals out all all costs.

3: Eat only 3 meals & load
up on green veggies.

4.Give fruit a miss for a week but

5:Drink tons of bottled water & fruit teas.

6:No snacking.

7: BOOZE – Its the weekend so having
a drink may be on your agenda.

Remember ALL alcohol is sugar in
various forms – Go easy!

Come on.
You can do this.

If you need some motivation hop over to
the Facebook.com/KickStartFatLoss page
or @KSFLUK and @RachelHolmes on Twitter

Make a commitment & stick to it
just take it day by day or even hour by hour.

As Gabby B says

“Honour your commitments &
show up for yourself
& the world”

Be the very best version of YOU!

Do check in with me I love to hear from you

Have a wicked Friday

Love Rachel xxx

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