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Month: May 2015

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Fancy A Clean Thai Green Curry

A perfect weekend favourite – You don’t have to give up your wonderful Indian food just tweak the recipes and VOILA!!!!     You can get these recipes from our Kick Start Curry Cook Book

Kick Start Nutella

We have been having some great debate over on the Kick Start Fat Loss Facebook page discussing various diets and clubs. It’s been really interesting. With Kick Start its not about being restrictive or depriving yourself,  it’s to arm you with the all the very latest food & nutrition research so you can make the

Kick Start Protein Balls

These are such a winner in the Kick Start lifestyle and so easy to create! k Start Protein Balls If you make them Tweet me @RachelHolmes Instagram RachelLHolmes

Kick Start Naked Bars

Half Term Kick Start Naked Bars As its half term it’s the perfect tie to bake up your own super healthy naked bars. So much more healthy & satisfying than processed cereals bars These are real winners! Is sugar binging still a problem for you and your nutrition plan? Sign up for my Free 30


Check out our delicious KSFL Flapjack Buns  

Meet Alex and Elaine – WLD Dance Sport and Fitness – Kick Start Fat Loss Rathnew (Ireland)

Alex and Elaine – WLD Dance Sport and Fitness – Rathnew (Ireland) We became a KSFL franchisee after meeting the inspiration Lesley Gooch when she came over with Rachel Holmes to Ireland in November.   We wanted to help people achieve the best they can achieve and KSFL fitted in well with what we have

Kick Start Banana & Date Tea Loaf

Another fab recipe idea from the Kick Start Sweet Treats Book Thanks for all the feedback on the recipes:-) I’m so glad you are all enjoying them! Please feel free to share these on your social media. Have a great day Tweet me @RachelHolmes @KickStartFatLoss   Get the Sweet Treats Cook BOOK for £5.99

Kick Start Gluten Free Bread

Are you missing your daily Bread? Why don’t you make your own? These recipes are gluten free and totally healthy and as ever so easy to make.                                                       Thanks

Mom of two sheds 21lbs, 26 inches and becomes Fit Mommy with Kick Start Fat Loss

Mom of two sheds 21lbs, 26 inches and becomes Fit Mommy with Kick Start Fat Loss     Mum of two Jackie Panks from Norfolk was determined to start her forties fit and fabulous. Having spent years dieting and attending various slimming clubs Jackie was stuck in a rut feeling unfit, unmotivated and in need

Kick Start Banana Bread

Banana Bread is such a Kick Start favourite & a great recipe to make with the kids and for the whole family to enjoy.     Do let me know if you make this delish cake/bread Have a great day Love Rachel xxx Have you signed up for the 30 Day Sugar Free Challenge yet?