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Meet Francesca Flin a Fire Fighter and KSFL Franchisee

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Meet Fran – KSFL Orpington and Flins Fitness
Fran has been a KSFL franchisee for 2 ½ years and  has been running Kick Start Slim alongside her many other community classes.


What you may find unbelievable to know is

Fran is also a Fire Fighter

and works shifts with the London Fire Brigade on top

of teaching classes, running KSFL, mum of 2 and Gran to

her daughter Lauren’s son….Incredible!



How does she do it?

Fran offers LIVE KSFL SLIM Meetings, KSFL online programmes,

and her new wrap around KSFL with the other classes

she runs on her weekly timetable.


“ My live group inter-act with the on-liners on one secret Facebook group brilliantly – we swap recipes, ideas, highs & the occasional lows …people have got to know each other solely through contact here and formed real bonds! The group is a powerful tool to help progress as they keep each other motivated and on track!


“I have another workout group, just for my Kick Starters, so for those who can’t make my classes, the exercise at home option is there – as well as Rachel’s workouts of course”

Fran has two of her top instructors Emma & Rosie hosting the weekly KS Slim meeting, as well as a Small Group Training session with Rosie on a Wednesday morning.


Fran runs the business, marketing and social mediaside, looks after the groups on Facebook and will be at the KS Slim Club most weeks delivering food samples and being available to chat and support members in person.


Constantly evolving and growing Flins Fitness

is expanding with the help of Rachel’s

business support and motivation on a daily basis.



“Being part of the brilliant Franchisee team

has a huge impact on my business – we share so many ideas

and trial new projects and the support we all

give and receive is so valuable.”




Fran will be co-hosting a Kick Start Clean Curries and Sweet Treats evening with Rachel Holmes on April 4th, where you can find out more, sample the food and be inspired to live the Kick Start Fat Loss lifestyle … all the details are here www.flinsfitness.co.uk/ksfl



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Have a wonderful day

Love Rachel xxx

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