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Meet Chris Tuck who transformed her health, built her business through hard work and persistence and is now reaping the benefits.

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Read her story below:

I started my community based fitness business in 2003 with just one class. The gyms were not interested in employing me because I had no experience so I created my own opportunity by taking over a circuit class at Beccs Rugby Club, Sparrows Den and building up my business one class at a time.

Over time I had Pilates, Postural assessment, Fitness Pilates, Weight Management, 60+ Fitness, Holistic massage and PT to my timetable.

Over the years because of my traumatic childhood my mental and physical health started to deteriorate.

I knew I had to take a long hard look at my lifestyle – my stress levels, my posture, the exercise that I did, the food that I ate. All of which was causing my body great inflammation and ultimately causing me pain.

I invested in some mentoring & training with Dax Moy the top PT in London & Rachel Holmes the leading female fitness entrpreneur.

I started my own weight management business called FatBusters in 2011. This was based on a 28 day boot camp type model where I guaranteed that my members would drop a dress size in 28 days through mindset, nutrition & fitness.

Even though this was a success I soon realised that encouraging members to drop a dress size in 28days was only the beginning of their journey and I my programme was not extensive enough.

I have always been of the mind that lifestyle change is a continuous and progressive journey and the model I was offering didn’t deliver this.

At this time Rachel Holmes was launching her Kick Start Fat Loss brand and I knew instantly that this is what my business needed to evolve.

Fat Busters was based on the same principles as KSFL but I knew Rachel would be just what I needed to take my business to the next level.

Because of what I went through as a child, adolescence this has had a major impact on my adult life.

Out of every negative there is always a positive…..I am very resilient, I have a great understanding & empathy for members and I understand their struggles no matter what they are.

I have a great affinity to get to the bottom of my members challenges and have the skillset, knowledge & expertise to empower them to turn their lives around and support them to reach their full potential and be happier.

I know all to we’ll how important it is to look after my health…without it….We have nothing.

I had a mental breakdown in 2000, I have had hip mobility problems since the age of 35 and have had 3 hip surgeries in the last 5 years.

As a result of all of this I have down a lot of research into the causes of my problems and have found solutions to them.

I truly know the importance of a positive mindset, the correct nutrition & exercise and that I need to take time out to keep healthy.

I coach all my members to do the same.

It’s now important to me to reach more people to spread the message of health & Wellness and what this looks like so I will be doing several things to achieve this.

I will be running #KSFLOnline programmes my 1st one starts on Monday the 11th of April

I will be join the other KSFL BUSINESS Owners in becoming an Online Coach to mentor members through their journey.

I will be running 1 day Retreats with Fran Flin from KSFL Orpington next one is Sept 2016

I will be running weekend retreats annually.

Everyone deserves to be the best version of themselves they can be and I am here to help them make that happen.

Health & Happiness
Chris x

Thanks Chris for sharing your story with us!

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