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Month: September 2016

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Kick Start Chicken and Avocado Pasta taken from Rachel Holmes’ 10 minute Recipes book

Our Kick Start Chicken and Avocado Faux Pasta is sure to be your tasty, go-to, speedy dinner to whip up for lunch or dinner! Once you have tried it you won’t want to go back to the old pasta, this is far healthier and fresher… perfect for the whole family!   Find more quick and easy healthy

Kick Start BURRITO BOWL From Rachel Holmes’ 10 Minute Recipe Book

Try our quick and easy Kick Start Burrito Bowl Perfect for people on the go wanting to follow a healthy lifestyle with KSFL. Find more quick and easy healthy eating recipes in the 10 minute recipe book  

Kick Start Cajun Chicken Recipe From The 10 Minute Recipe Book

I hope you enjoy this simple and spicy Cajun Chicken Recipe from my 10 minute recipe book. This is totally different and me and my team agreed it would be awesome buffet food! Happy Cooking 🙂 Share your thoughts with us @KSFLUK   Pick up the recipe book HERE

Fast Energising Breakfast

How are you getting on with your breakfast? I know that can be a difficult one when you first start out on the Kick Start lifestyle. ***Which is way I keep sending you ideas like this energising breakfast 🙂 Get your first meal of the day RIGHT and then however the day pans out, you

As a Former Kick Starter Have You Lapsed?

**Are you thinking that you have overdone it this weekend? **Is it time to get your nutrition sorted out and get back on the fitness train? ***As you have been on one of my online KSFL courses over the years you may have slipped back into unhealthy habits and need a bit of a “Kick

Kick Start Best Practices

Kick Start BEST PRACTISES This week includes 5 simple habits that will impact your health and fitness long term. 1: Shoot for 8 hours of sleep per night. 2: Eat a protein rich lunch style breakfast for the first meal of your day. 3: Eat 3 servings of green veggies per day 4: Do a

Kick Start Coleshill Launch

Kick Start Coleshill Kim and Steve were so welcoming and had thought of every little detail with their launch this September. The wonderful juices and Steves legendary cookies went down a treat! See behind the scenes: Find a KSFL class near you

Kick Start Northwich Launch with Theresa

See behind the scenes of Theresa’s KSFL Northwich launch Watch the LIVE feed from the evening Join a KSFL Class near you

Kick Start West Somerset Launch with Heather Pring

Kick Start Fat Loss West Somerset Launch with Heather Pring. Last week was the launch of Kick Start Fat Loss West Somerset with Heather Pring Health & Fitness and BRAINFIT. This was a unique launch as it was an invitation only and paid event. Usually KSFL launches are FREE but this was specialised event for

Survive The Weekend on KSFL and Healthy Muesli

When you have made a pledge to adopt a healthy lifestyle the weekend can really test you……… How many times do you eat & workout brilliantly Monday through Friday then the weekend hits & you kind of crash and burn? And of course, 2 days of eating whatever is around can easily set you straight