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Kick Start Cold Soup Recipe With The Juicy Retreats Nutri Blender Pro

This week we tried the new Juicy Retreats Nutri Blender Pro JR X-1000, available here , to make our Kick Start Cold Soup recipe. Watch the recipe video here: A little about the Nutri Blender Pro: “Unlike most other personal Nutri Blenders, the JR Ultra X-1000 actually allows you to choose between 2 set speeds, high and low,

Kick Start Sweet Potato Pancakes With Dr Wills Clean Ketchup

Our Kick Start Sweet Potato Pancakes recipe is the perfect quick fix for Breakfast or Lunch and tastes so delicious teamed with Dr Wills Clean Ketchup! You may not think of sweet potatoes working as pancakes but my gosh they do! Watch the video below: Get an EXCLUSIVE 15% discount at Dr Wills website on

Ask Rachel Holmes a Question about Fitness, Health or Nutrition

Are you interested in… Changing your diet? Losing weight? Wondering how you can improve your health problems? Improving energy levels and sleep? Improving how you feel mentally and physically? Then ask Rachel a question! Rachel is the creator of Kick Start, a revolutionary diet club with no faddy foods or quick fixes, just back to

How to Win At Kick Start

Here is a little motivational about your lifestyle changes – let me know what you think! I am sure you know how much lifestyle factors impact your health, well being and of course fat loss Making a change to routine can be difficult. Our lives are usually planned and packed solid each day which doesn’t

Detox Friendly KSFL Chicken Nuggets

We have another real favourite here. Everytime we do a Kick Start launch we make Chicken Nuggets and they are always a winner. Perfect for the whole family 🙂 and these are so healthy and will keep you right on track with your detox. And, just to say THANK YOU to everyone that attended this

KSFL Favourite Banana Pancakes and Quick Tips for Breakfast

Often breakfast can be the biggest barrier to adopting the Kick Start Fat Loss lifestyle. Many people consider “cooking” a brekkie just too time consuming & not practical when you are juggling, kids, getting to work, schools, packed lunches & generally getting ready for the day. BUT In the UK we are a nation of

Do you know about cortisol?

Do You Know About Cortisol? If You are Over 35 and your Belly Fat is getting thicker then your body could be producing chronic amounts of the hormone Cortisol. What is Cortisol? It is the fat storing and stress hormone and if you Adrenal glands are producing excess cortisol you will see the stubborn fat

Lemon and Pistachio Drizzle Cake

Firstly I’d like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who attended the last 2 weeks of Kick Start launches. It has been amazing to meet you all and I hope you all enjoyed the launch nights. Driving around the country doing the talks can be quite stressful with all of the travelling

Are you ready to join a Kick Start Class and Start Your Transformation ?

Are you ready to join a Kick Start Class and Start Your Transformation ? * Are you Struggling with weight loss? * Feel like you are eating healthy and not getting results? * Is the weight creeping on around your middle? * Feeling sluggish, tired and unmotivated? * Hormones out of balance * Experiencing menopausal

Fat is not to blame and the sugar pay off

I am sure you have read the recent news about the “Sugar pay off” this is shocking news of corruption revealing the lack of trust we should have in research and the sugar industry. Here at Kick Start we have been battling for years in the sugar vs fat argument and finally the truth is coming to light…