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Here is a little motivational about
your lifestyle changes – let me know what you think!

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I am sure you know how much lifestyle factors
impact your health, well being and of course fat loss

Making a change to routine can be difficult.

Our lives are usually planned and packed solid
each day which doesn’t allow for trying new things
or welcome any time consuming changes.

It is important to understand how to
eliminate as many barriers as possible
before you really go for a new
programme and nutrition plan.

Make your first targets achievable and
realistic so that that a sense of progression
and positivity is felt early on within
the KSFL programme.

So what are the keys to KSFL success?


Being organised and planning ahead will
save you time.

Planning prevents you becoming stressed,
pressed for time, decreases your chances of
eating something bad, and prevents long hungry periods.

Here are some quick organisational tips:
Buy food in bulk where possible
Freeze meat if you can buy it in larger quantities for less
Buy storage containers and prepare food early and make it easily accessible
Use a slow cooker
Cook more than one meal or cook extra so that you have meals planned for later that day
Bulk cook – Saves so much time
Keep water bottles in your car, bag and at work so that you always have access to plenty of it

One of the most important factors to fat loss is stress.
It is a huge dictator in the regulation of blood sugar and in particular the hormone cortisol.

Stress is created in many different ways. The most common stress enhancers are:
Family arguments
Moving house
Changing jobs
Giving birth
New born babies
Wi-fi and electronic signals (including usage of mobile telephones and computers)
Over exercising
Commuting to work
Financial problems
Work stress
Life laundry – Things you need to say and get of your chest

The best way to decrease stress is to improve your sleep. Trying to go to bed each night by 15 earlier than normal will accumulate to 2 hours 15 minutes extra per week or 9 hours per month.

That means that the extra 15 minutes has given you one extra nights sleep per month.

Sleep is often a part of life that people struggle with.

They may find it hard to get to sleep, find it hard to maintain sleep throughout the night or sleep too much.

The average time spent sleeping is 7-9 hours. Any less or more can have negative effects.

Here are some tips to improve your sleep:
Avoid caffeine after mid afternoon
Read before bed instead of computer work or watching TV (these stimulate the brain)
Enjoy a warm bath more often to help you relax
Unplug and light emitting devices in your room
Make your room as dark as possible
Avoid exercise before bed
Change your bedding regularly or buy a new mattress
Don’t sleep with your mobile phone next to your head
Supplement with Magnesium
Sleep is also a way of allowing your body to detox. Make this an important part of KSFL.

Smaller habits are easier to implement
Organisation creates time and better food choices
Stress increases fat storage by increasing the production of the hormone cortisol
Aim to improve your sleep
Make your bedroom a dark and relaxing environment to rest.
Losing body fat & improving your health
is not all about what you eat, lifestyle issues play such a huge role.

I hope that helps 🙂

Let me know?

Have a great THURSDAY


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