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Often breakfast can be the biggest barrier to
adopting the Kick Start Fat Loss lifestyle.

Many people consider

“cooking” a brekkie just too time consuming
& not practical when you are juggling,
kids, getting to work, schools, packed lunches
& generally getting ready for the day.
In the UK we are a nation of cereal eating, tea
drinking, toast buttering lovers.

Which, if you are a reader of my blog know
cereal is a DISASTER for fatloss, energy levels,
cellulite (sugar connection) skin & hormones.

Wheat + Gluten + Sugar + Dairy

= Weight gain, bloating, energy crashes,

Shall I go on? 🙂 So here are my quick tips.
1: Fry up all of your veggie leftovers, the night before,
in coconut oil. Whisk 7/8 eggs pour over in a greased
flan dish & bake. When brown & set, leave to chill overnight.
Cut a slice & serve cold in the morning on the run or reheat.

2: Breakfast Stir fry – prep time 5- 10mins.
Heat a frying pan with coconut oil, throw all your veggies in
& add prawns/meat – whatever you have to hand.

3:Make a Green Juice – Blend/Juice/Vitamix all your
veggies- go easy on the fruit or you will be creating
a sugar bomb.

4: Protein Banana Pancakes – Whisk 3/4 eggs
add 2 scoops of chocolate protein powder.
Slice 2 bananas & fry in coconut oil
add eggs, when set sprinkle with cinnamon.

Start you & your family of in the best possible
way with a lunch style breakfast.

It is a mind set change but once you
get into the habit, I promise, you will
never go back to boxed cereals
of any description again.


Thanks to Fran of Kick Start Orpington.

Have a great day.

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Love Rachel x

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