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Kick Start Half Term Treats To Make With The Kids

Do you have the kids/ Grand kids at home with you this week? Filling their time with fun activities can be a hard task- throwing everyone out of their routine!  So how about putting baking on the agenda ? But with a twist- these are far healthier and contain only natural sugars!  Give these recipes a

February what’s in season?

February is a dull month thats for sure- so we are here to brighten up your dishes with the fruit and veg that is in season this month:   PASSION FRUIT This tropical fruit is great in so many ways; used in early folk medicine in Peru and Brazil to aid sleep. Make a quick

Kick Start Healthy Plant Based Breakfasts

Breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day setting the tone for the rest of the day! Here are your breakfast must haves: HEALTHY, ENERGY BOOSTING AND SATISFYING! If you start healthy you are more likely to end healthy so a nutritional breakfast is the best way to start. Skipping breakfast can

Healthy Snack ideas KSFL

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Healthy Kick Start Dinner Recipes

KEEP DINNER SIMPLE that is the key to maintenance, try out these great, healthy kick Start recipes:   SIGN UP to our free newsletter for more

Healthy Kick Start Lunch Ideas

Do you struggle for time at lunch to whip something healthy up? Try out these great recipes to pack up in the morning: SIGN UP to our free newsletter for more

Kick Start Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Do you get stuck at breakfast time for healthy ideas? We are here to help with some of our most popular recipes, be sure to share how you get on with us on social media! Make sure you sign up to our free newsletter for more

Have you done dry January?

Hi, have you done dry January this month? How have you done so far- only one day to go! If you have made it this far then I imagine you are feeling fantastic Or maybe you don’t feel any different? You may have experienced; better sleep, reduced cravings, weight loss- better health? I think dry January

Christmas Recipes from Kick Start

We have some brand new recipes for you this Christmas period and hope you enjoy them! Please share your #ksflfood pics with us on social media!

Kick Start Side dish swaps

Are you struggling with side dishes for dinner? Need to swap out your chips for something healthier? We have just the recipes for you:   We hope that has given you some ideas today! Share your food pics with us on our Facebook page HERE