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Vegetarian KSFL Food Swaps

Here are some great food swaps if you are going vegetarian  on KSFL: 1. Breakfast Sandwich Swap your bacon sandwich for sweet potato cakes and top with avocado or your favourite toppings! 2. Pasta dishes Swap your pasta for courgette pasta and add in your favourite vegetables for a little bite. 3. If you like curry/

Plant Based Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day setting the tone for the rest of the day! Breakfast must haves: HEALTHY, ENERGY BOOSTING AND SATISFYING! If you start healthy you are more likely to end healthy so a nutritional breakfast is the best way to start. Skipping breakfast can leave you with

Turmeric Smoothies can you stomach it?

Turmeric has been the talk of the town for a while now with its many health benefits… This anti inflammatory ingredient is brilliant- but sometimes tough to get into your daily diet routine, so we are here to help with some new turmeric smoothie recipes: (Add a little water/ice/ almond milk/ coconut water to water down

#meatfreemonday protein sources and recipe ideas

Do you do #meatfreemonday ?? Here are some deliciously healthy vegetable protein sources that you may want to swap for your meat: Making curry? Why not use lentils? With 9 grams of protein per 50 grams cooked serving. Sugar snap peas are so fresh and tasty, great for a snack on-the-go- they have 5 grams

Do you love leafy greens?

  Do you find leafy greens too strong in taste? Many people do and they key is to dull down the flavour through using sauces such as pestos, tomato based and mixing with other dominant flavours. Studies show the more leafy greens you eat the more you get used to them so you can train

KSFL Challenge Detox day

Today we are challenging you to DETOX with our green recipes of the day- are you in? Tag us in and use the hashtag #ksflfood Breakfast Lunch Dinner

KSFL Challenge Go Vegetarian for the day

We are challenging you today to go meat-free with our delicious and healthy recipes! We know you will love them so give them a try: BREAKFAST LUNCH DINNER So what do you think are you up for our challenge? Share your food pics with us #ksflfood

KSFL Fresh Summer Dips

Summer Dips are perfect for KSFL friendly BBQs teamed with veg sticks, here are 2 new easy recipes to try: Beetroot, cumin and feta dip Toast 1 tsp cumin seeds in a pan over a medium heat for 1-2 mins. Blend the seeds and 300g cooked beetroot and 50g feta until smooth. Spoon into a

New Choco Oats, Chia Pudding, Chickpea Lunchbox and Courgette Fritters

Check out our latest recipe videos! These have been an absolute hit with our KSFL followers and we love receiving the food pics 🙂   Check out the recipes below and be sure to subscribe to Rachel Holmes Youtube channel for more!

Tasty and Healthy NEW Summery Salad Recipes for the Weekend

We know it gets tiring cooking the same meals day after day so here are some easy recipes to freshen up your weekly menu:   For more recipes sign up to our free newsletter CLICK HERE