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How are you getting on with your


I know that can be a difficult one when you
first start out on the Kick Start lifestyle.

***Which is way I keep sending you ideas like this energising breakfast 🙂

Get your first meal of the day RIGHT and
then however the day pans out, you have started
the day balancing
your blood sugar and hormone levels which helps
your energy, fat loss, cravings and mental mindset.

Do YOU want a fast,
energising breakfast?

Maybe you are all ‘egged out’ & looking
for a change?

A Nutri bullet blend is the answer,whizz it all
up & drink on the go.

Ensuring you stay on the Kick Start plan.

The fibre will fill you up and the veggies will
not spike your cortisol (the fat storing hormone)


It takes minutes to prepare – all good when you are
rushing out of the door.

Remember keep going – You are doing so well
and doing your health such a huge favour.


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Have a wicked Tuesday

Stay positive 🙂

Love Rachel xxxx

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