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Today We Are Celebrating Body Positivity & Confidence.




Instead of starting another diet today I DARE you to FREE yourself from the  negative mental self chat
about reducing the size of your body.
Stand STARK naked in front of the mirror and
LOVE the beauty of what you see.
CHOOSE to eat nourishing food that takes you closer to health and vitality.
Catch yourself…. Before you say anything NEGATIVE
about your body and replace it with a positive statement or affirmation.
Have a rest from the mental aerobics of wanting to be smaller.
Let’s focus on happiness, health and vitality today.
Use exercise as a mood and happiness enhancer rather than a calorie burner.
Happy minds & bodies come in all shapes and sizes.
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Are YOU with me?

Use #KSBodyConfidence

Have a great day
Love Rachel 
Director of Kick Start.
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