Day: May 12, 2017

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Vitamins and Minerals Explained

At KSFL we promote a healthy lifestyle through good food cooked from scratch. We believe you can get all the vitamins and minerals you need from eating the right foods. Here are some of the important vitamins, minerals and more that you need in your diet explained: VITAMIN A Needed for immune system, skin and eyes.

Oily Fish The Low Down

Oily fish are a fantastic source of omega- 3 fatty acids and have many more health benefits. Here are the oily fish you should be including in your diet and why: Salmon- Salmon is  a source of Vitamin B12  and is very versatile. Herring- A great source of vitamin D this fish is available throughout

It’s the weekend so what can you eat when you go out

Where can I eat out on KSFL? Check out our best choices in the UK’s favourite restaurants 🙂   It can appear to be hard to eat out with friends/ family when embarking on your KSFL lifestyle. Most restaurants don’t tell you exactly what is in their ingredients so you don’t know what you are eating!

More Clearance DVDs

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