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Beetroot has quite the reputation as being a healthy “super food” but what is it about this deep red veg that is SO good?

Historically the beet root was used medicinally for a range of ailments, including fevers, constipation and skin problems.

Beetroot is a good source of iron,  folate,  nitrates, betaine, magnesium and other antioxidants (notably betacyanin).

It is suggested beetroot can help lower blood pressure, BOOST energy and prevent dementia!

Beetroot is rich in nitrates which our body converts nitrates into nitric oxide, a chemical thought to lower blood pressure.

A  diet high in beetroot juice may increase blood flow to certain areas of the brain.

Alison Hornby, a dietitian and BDA spokesperson, says: “Beetroot and beetroot juice, along with green leafy vegetables, cabbage and celery, are very useful as part of a balanced diet as their nitrate content may help to reduce blood pressure.

“Getting active, reducing the amount of salt in your diet and maintaining a healthy weight are also key strategies for getting your blood pressure under control.”

So we say let’s eat more beetroot!

Try this recipe today:

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