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Month: July 2017

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Due to high demand Lift Lean group 2 starts 7th august

The Kick Start LiftLean has been one of the most successful online programmes I have ever created! *Getting back to great daily workouts – tons of unique ideas and protocols. * Eating for HEALTH and ENERGY and STRENGTH. * Perfect for ladies that want to lift weights The feedback has been incredible, so we are

New Choco Oats, Chia Pudding, Chickpea Lunchbox and Courgette Fritters

Check out our latest recipe videos! These have been an absolute hit with our KSFL followers and we love receiving the food pics 🙂   Check out the recipes below and be sure to subscribe to Rachel Holmes Youtube channel for more!

MIND BODY Reboot at the beautiful Champney’s Springs

Have you lost your way with your nutrition? Are you struggling to workout and find time to exercise? Do you need help with your mindset and motivation? Do you keep self-sabotaging your health progress? Would you love to know how to make amazing Raw Food? If you need a reboot and a reset after SUMMER join

Snacking Tips from KSFL

Do you get an afternoon slump and just NEED something to energise you? We try not to snack on KSFL but when we do we suggest these healthy snacking tips: • It’s always a good idea to have a freshly cut selection of raw fruit/veg in your fridge at all times. This will save you when you’re

Squat Variations and Mini Ball Fitness Pilates Exercises with Rachel Holmes

Watch these videos for great ideas for your home workout! Share your thoughts @KSFLUK @rachellholmes  SUBSCRIBE to Rachel Holmes youtube channel for more  

Tasty and Healthy NEW Summery Salad Recipes for the Weekend

We know it gets tiring cooking the same meals day after day so here are some easy recipes to freshen up your weekly menu:   For more recipes sign up to our free newsletter CLICK HERE

Wonderful Comments From KSFL Clubs

We have had some fantastic comments from our KSFL groups this week, read these lovely testimonials from KSFL Sutton Coldfield with Kelly Ravenscroft on their 14 day programme plus a great one from Heather PringKSFL West Somerset: Melanie said I’ve just weighed myself & lost 4.1/2lbs ! Yay go me … happy with that Kelly

Healthy Foods to Add to your Diet

We believe a balanced diet of good foods is key in health and weight loss, read about foods you should be including:  

WOD Abs with the Mini Ball

?Check out @rachellholmes favourite abs exercises WOD with the mini ball! –   Include this exercise as part of your daily HIIT routine for best results! For more workouts subscribe to Rachel’s Youtube channel HERE

Lose the bloat KSFL Juice Detox Offer

Would you like to lose the bloat and feel less inflamed this week? 7 Day  JUICE AND SALAD DETOX JUICE AND SALAD DETOX Plan on OFFER TODAY for half price using the code  JUICE get the full 7 day plan for only £10 Try it for 3 / 5 or 7 days and see the