Due to high demand Lift Lean group 2 starts 7th august

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The Kick Start LiftLean has been one of the most successful
online programmes I have ever created!
*Getting back to great daily workouts – tons of unique ideas and protocols.
* Eating for HEALTH and ENERGY and STRENGTH.
* Perfect for ladies that want to lift weights
The feedback has been incredible, so we are continuing and doing a
further 14 days from MONDAY 7th AUGUST and if you missed the
start of the last one make sure you get in on the next one.
Join us 🙂 




 Are You  Stuck In A Workout Rut?



Are You Stuck In A Training Rut?



Do you want to increase muscle tone, definition, strength, fitness and endurance?








Monday 7th August for 14 days.




Only 50 SPACES




It’s all about the workout



You will need:




You can do the workouts at home or in the gym.





Check out these workouts:



#WODS (Workout of the day)

#Timed Challenges



#EMOTM (Every Minute On The Minute)

# Pre Exhaust Giant Sets

# Blood Shunting – Peripheral Heart Rate Training.

# Isometric Mix

# Fartleck Workouts.

# REP Targeting.

# Ascending Pyramids.

# Sphere Workouts

14 UNIQUE workouts for ladies that lift plus a nutrition

programme to match *optional




Choose between 4 meals a day or 3 depending on how hard you train or follow your own protocol.




Ready to rock?



Its £37 click here to book.








You will get access to the Facebook Group where I will be uploading the workouts and instructions.




Let’s GO!!!!




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