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Lift Lean 2020 Inferno New Programme For Menopause

Hello  NEW LIFT LEAN 30 Day Fire with new Inferno Nutrition Programme For Menopause. Starts Monday 6th January 2020 ✔️30 Brand New Lift Lean FIRE Mix and Match Workouts ✔️30 days of daily mindset coaching with behaviour change. ✔️30 days of new meal plans and recipes ✔️ Specific Nutrition Plan for Menopause ✔️Results guaranteed The first

Lift Lean Midsection Meltdown SPECIAL TRIAL ONLY £15

Trial The 7 Day Midsection Meltdown Online Women’s Weightloss And Wellness Programme For only £15 Hello Try the new look, updated Kick Start Online On-demand programmes TODAY. Start whenever you are ready at this super discounted price. I want to help as many women as possible to trial this 7-day programme and get great results. See how

Get The NEW LIFT LEAN Programme with £20 DISCOUNT

Get My Next Kick Start Lift Lean™ Project With New Nutritional Protocol with a £20 Discount If You Book NOW     Use the code LIFTLEAN4 and get a £20 Discount. BOOK HERE The Kick Start Lift Lean™ Project has been OFF THE CHAIN. We have seen record numbers of women transform their body shape

Lift Lean September Brilliant Results

WELL DONE to the #liftlean group who have just completed there 28 day September challenge, we saw some fantastic results and the team stuck with it right to the end, see what some of the team thought : Keeley: “I wasn’t really looking to lose weight, I feel great, feel lots better, feel fitter have

Due to high demand Lift Lean group 2 starts 7th august

The Kick Start LiftLean has been one of the most successful online programmes I have ever created! *Getting back to great daily workouts – tons of unique ideas and protocols. * Eating for HEALTH and ENERGY and STRENGTH. * Perfect for ladies that want to lift weights The feedback has been incredible, so we are

Did you miss the launch of our 90 day bespoke programme?

Did you miss the launch of the NEW 90 day Womens Health and Weightloss Programme? The initial 20 women are flying and doing really well. so if you would now like to join us you are more than welcome. I’ll only be taking another 20 Women Only On This Bespoke and Tailored Service. I’ve been

Launching on Sunday The Brand New 90 Day Womens Health & Weight loss Programme

To add your email to the LAUNCH LIST CLICK HERE   Launching on Sunday The Brand New 90 Day Womens Health & Weight loss Programme. 20 Places Available Only On This Bespoke and Tailored Service. I’ve been working hard researching and creating a new bespoke online programme called The Kick Start 90 Day Women’s Health

2 Simple Tips To Boost Weight Loss

Weight loss is simple when you know how… and with the KSFL plan we believe in clean and healthy food and plans to reach your goals- creating a lifestyle with no FADDY diets! 2 of our top tips to help you on your journey: Make your workout a HIIT workout: HIIT (which stands for High

12 Week Transformation Launch Gibraltar a Success

Eclipse Lounge was filled to the brim with extra chairs being brought out last minute. It surely was a proud evening for Kick Start Coach, Natalie. The open evening included, an informative presentation of the 12 week programme, testimonials, KSFL recipe books for sale, raffle prizes and……yummy KSFL food and smoothies! With an emphasis to

4 simple steps to take back control over 35

Are you 35 or over and feel like you have lost control? Do you need to find your energy and wellbeing again? It can be tough with the day to day routines of work, looking after the children… looking after EVERYONE but yourself. This needs to change and you know it. It is time to