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Trial The 7 Day Midsection Meltdown Online Women’s Weightloss And Wellness Programme For only £15

Hello Try the new look, updated Kick Start Online On-demand programmes TODAY.

Start whenever you are ready at this super discounted price.

I want to help as many women as possible to trial this 7-day programme and get great results. See how you can take your weight loss and wellness into your own hands.

*Are you struggling with your midsection?

* Feeling fed up of not getting the results you want from your diet and exercise programme?

*Unexplained weight gain around your middle?

*Feeling bloated and puffy?

*Struggling with perimenopause, menopause or post?


Do you need a daily plan to get you back on track?

Try the Kick Start 7 Day Midsection Meltdown Online On-Demand Programme and start right away or Monday or whenever you are ready. You get access to the FULL 7 DAY PROGRAMME to work through.



What do you get when you sign up?

*A daily nutritional video explaining exactly what to eat, how and why.

*A daily midsection 10 – 20 minute home workout.

*Daily coaching videos and support.

*Shopping list, meal plans, recipes and food ideas.

A full online on demand 7-day programme designed for you to Kick Start Your health, wellness and wellbeing.


You can do this!

Kind Regards

Rachel x

Kick Start 

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