Did you miss the launch of our 90 day bespoke programme?

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Did you miss the launch of the NEW 90 day Womens Health and Weightloss Programme?

The initial 20 women are flying and doing really well.
so if you would now like to join us you are more than welcome.

I’ll only be taking another 20 Women Only On
This Bespoke and Tailored Service.

I’ve been working hard researching and creating a new bespoke online programme called The Kick Start 90 Day Women’s Health and Weightloss plan.

It is specifically designed for women who want to address their health, fitness, gut health, hormonal health, mental wellbeing and mindset with nutrition, supplements, fitness and mindset.

It’s  tailored and individualised to each person, which is something I’ve wanted to create since I began Kick Start in 2007 and is aimed at busy Women who want to supremely elevate their health and wellbeing.

I am so passionate about women’s health and helping you become your own diet and health detective so you can understand and get to the root cause of why you:

a: Not feeling on top form.
b: Unexplained mind section weight gain
c: Constantly tired all of the time.
d: Dealing with health conditions and taking medications that have long term side effects.

How Does It Work

You will log into a special membership area and upload your health history, par q, measurements, pictures and what you currently eat, sleep and stress levels.

I then collate your information and create a bespoke meal plan for you that you will follow.

It is about taking your health, nutrition, and weightloss to a new level.

There will be 20 limited places on the second intake of clients

This whole regime is a huge step forward in Womens Health and Weightloss.


The normal price for this comprehensive and extensive programme is £149
BUT be one of the 20 on the second intake and get the complete plan for only £99.00.

Have a great day

Questions ?

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