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It is always good to have something USEFUL hanging around in the cupboard for when you need to whip something up, here are the top items you’ll want to keep on hand to keep your food fresh, lively, and satisfying:

1. Raw Cacao Powder

If you are CRAVING choco – raw cacao powder can be part of many quick and easy desserts like avocado mousse or a choco smoothie with almond milk!

2. Almond Flour

This is a great ingredient for baking ksfl recipes and it a great healthy fat source.


3. Cashews

Cashews are a versatile food great for baking, topping salads and desserts too!


4. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is fantastic for cooking, baking, frying, skin and much more plus it tastes great and lasts ages in the fridge!


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