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Is lifting weights good for women’s health?

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Weight-lifting brings fantastic results and is hugely satisfying.

It’s now becoming increasingly popular amongst women, but many still worry they will resemble body-builders!

Gradually, times are changing and more women are trying resistance training with weights and never looking back!

Our Lift Lean programme has been fantastic – seeing brilliant results and encouraging women to feel strong and empowered.


1. Weight training is great at burning fat

By weight training, you build lean muscle, and muscle is a metabolically active tissue where carbohydrates and body fat are burned and used as energy.

2. It’s more effective than spending hours on the running machine

Many people think a cardio machine will lead to fat loss, but cardio like running or cycling puts strain on your muscles (which can lead to injuries) and won’t build muscle.

3. Lifting weights doesn’t mean you will get bulky

Women are built differently to men, and you won’t become bulky because of our basic biology. Nutrition is also a massive component to your body composition.

4. It has a positive impact on bone density

Resistance training increases bone density and therefore decreases the chances of women and men developing osteoporosis later on in life.

5.  It will improve your strength and boost your confidence

Every time your work out with weights, you become stronger, and so next time you’ll be able to lift more, which is both incredibly satisfying and motivating.

6. It makes you more athletic

Everyone wants to look toned and sculpted, and weight training is the way to achieve this. But it’ll also improve your abilities in other sports.


Once you start working out with weights, chances are you’ll never look back!!


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