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Pick your 30 day November challenge

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It is a new month and time to focus on your PERSONAL health/wellness goals- I would LOVE TO challenge you to 30 days of:

*** No Booze – Could you do it? – If so it may need some lifestyle changes including TELLING all your friends you will be the driver for the whole of NOVEMBER or mixing up your social life a little this November? It’s a great opportunity to do some DIFFERENT things socially instead of revolving your social time around drinking.


**** Give Up Sugar?


****** Work on getting 30 days of amazing SLEEP?


***** Do some life laundry and identify what low level daily stressers are winding you up and HAVE those conversations and make some changes in your life.

***Could you Do IT?

*** See HOW amazing you can actually feel before the festivities all begin*******

If you have been following my wardrobe decluttering progress over the last month I HAD to make a conscious effort to simplify my wardrobe – since having Logan I cannot afford the luxury of:

1: The space – I need now space for toys and bikes and balls.

2: Spending 2 hours deciding what outfit to wear – I now haven’t got 2 minutes to think about what I’m going to wear.

3: Constantly looking for black leggings in the washing basket out of 28 pairs of black leggings….this WAS the bain of my life.

Having a proper wardrobe specialist/personal shopper –
– Cleo Lacey to come in and just sort it all out … i can’t even tell you how amazing its all been.

I thought a service like this for for WAGS and famous celebs but my goodness its transformed my whole life and is saving my hours every week.

It’s TOTALLY cleared my mind… I feel organised and so much better!

Today’s moto is SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE

If you fancy going MEAT FREE this NOVEMBER did you know I have a 30 Day DEtox MEAT FREE / Vegeterian Cook Book?

30 Meat free breakfasts/lunch and Dinners and I’ve reduced it to £10 today if that will help you boost your wellness, eating and health.

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