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Do you feel like you have tried everything but you are STILL not losing weight??

You need to know what’s really going on inside your body!

Hormone issues are a strong possibility. And it isn’t just reproductive hormones that can alter the weight loss process.

Women often suffer from real metabolic, hormonal and physiological imbalances that can create a resistance to weight loss. Your weight loss issues may be caused by any of the following types of hormonal imbalance:

1. Thyroid imbalance: your thyroid may be low or “sluggish”, making it much easier to gain weight, and harder to lose it.
2. Adrenal imbalance: excessive or niggly ongoing stresses trigger more cortisol production, causing your body to deposit excessive fat around your middle.
3. Reproductive hormone imbalance: higher levels of testosterone or lowered oestrogen can add weight around the waist area that creates even more fat-producing hormones.
4. A combination of imbalances: when normal hormonal balance is upset, it can alter balance throughout your endocrine network and you may experience a potent blend of all three of these issues.

We have the solution for you, with our kick start programmes we focus on you as an individual and work on the problems that may be causing you to resist weight loss.

So what is going on with my hormones?

1. Thyroid imbalance
Women with thyroid imbalance may resort to sugary foods for quick energy. Unfortunately, these foods can also contribute to insatiable appetites and accumulated weight that won’t budge.


2. Adrenal imbalance
Cortisol is released with stress.
But when you’re constantly under stress your body continues to release stress hormones like cortisol. Cortisol adds fat to your belly area, but the message never gets sent that it’s okay for your body to let go of it.


3. Reproductive hormone imbalance
When oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone are already fluctuating outside of normal ranges, as they tend to be during perimenopause or menopause and in PMS, weight gain often follows.


Long-term weight loss is activated most effectively when you:
1. Focus on your health — not just weight loss.
2. Address the root source of the issue and restore balance to your body.


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