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Good Morning 

It’s the THURSDAY LIVE TALK 730pm this evening in my Kick Start Private Facebook Group and here are the topics I’ll be discussing.

* Sugar cravings – how to beat them and what are they telling you.
* Have you slipped despite great intentions and made unhealthy choices? Tips to take things slowly.
* How to keep a positive mindset during your weightloss journey especially if you feel deflated at times.
* Intermittent fasting – should you do it – does it work – how often should you do it – lots and lots of questions on this.
* Continuing discussing menopausal symptoms and how to create good daily habits, tips and practical suggestions.

I have written a Kick Start Menopause Manifesto for the group so do join in to have a look.

See you at 7:30pm tonight 🙂

Here is the group link https://www.facebook.com/groups/845793672151353/

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