What is Veganuary?

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What is Veganuary?

This is a fairly new movement that was launched in January 2014 by a registered charity that encourages people to try veganism during the month of January.

Many people around the world have been looking more towards a plant based diet already and there are many reasons to stop eating animal-based products.

I used to think people became vegan for purely ethical motives, but I have now realised that there are also compelling environmental and health reasons.

Some of the reasons are; reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing water consumption, the belief that animal products may not be as healthy and reducing animal waste.

If you are looking to reduce your consumption of animal-based products and replace them with alternative ingredients make sure you are still getting all the nutrients you need in your diet- many people lack these when they turn to plant based.

It may be a bit of a shock to your system if you decide to go vegan from one day to the next. Instead, you might start by replacing dairy with plant-based milks and yoghurts, and cooking a few plant-based meals during the week.

Here are some great ideas :



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