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You may have seen our sponsors Rebel Chocolate at the latest Fitpro Festival with Rachel Holmes…. let us tell you bit about this amazing brand and why we love their products…

“We are rebelling against the chocolate norm.” Rebel Chocolate is healthier than your normal chocolate off the shelf… it contains 50% less sugar than typical milk chocolate PLUS it is nutritionally enriched by adding protein; so it contains an amazing 25% protein. They also use some of the best cocoa in the world and the TASTE reflects this – we found it super smooth and gorgeously rich! And to top it all off their chocolate is gluten & lactose-free and 50% less sugar that most choco!

The choco we tried for the event:

• Belgian – classic milk chocolate flavour that we all know and love
• Single Origin Colombian – this is a rich, dark and full of flavour – loved by milk and dark chocolate lovers alike
• Single Estate Madagascan – this is a rare cocoa and has a tropical/fruity flavour
• White – this is creamy and buttery and has our highest protein content at 28% protein


A big thank you to Rebel Chocolate for sponsoring our event… here is our group enjoying the bars at snack time:

Try it today

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