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Kids nutrition and how to best feed your little ones Podcast Interview

UK Kid’s Nutrition Interview with Bahee and Rachel In this episode I pick the brains of the knowledgable Bahee Van de Bor of UK Kids nutrition. We talk about what is “normal” in kids eating habits, snacking, how to create positive eating habits for the whole family and much more. Mum’s… this episode is not

Inspirational interview on how to travel the world as a single Mum with a family

This inspirational interview features the story of Haleli; how she left home and took her children travelling the world. We talk about what they learn as a family, where they have been and there plans for the future as well as tips for others wanting to follow their travelling dreams. See more in her blog.

Movin Monkeez Building a Franchise Fitness Business with Rachel Holmes and Becky Lane

Rachel Holmes Interviews, the creator of Movin Monkeez, Becky Lane. In this episode they chat about how Becky started out in the fitness business, setting up a franchise, having her own studio, managing being a single mum, top tips on managing a busy lifestyle and even delve into dating on Tinder! Have a listen, I hope you

What is Body Confidence? Interview with Rachel Holmes and Zoe McNulty

Today’s podcast is an inspiring chat with Zoe McNulty on body confidence and the fitness industry. As usual Zoe’s outgoing, fun and confident personality makes for a brilliant interview! I hope you enjoy it, please leave your comments and don’t forget to subscribe!

Balancing Hormones Podcast Interview

In this episode I chat to Pamela, a good friend of mine and expert on hormones, about her story with hormones and how she now helps others with her business ;Smarter Change Wellness For Mind and Body.   We talk about steps women can take, including testing, to work out if their hormone balance is

Q & A with Rachel Holmes and Jayne Nicholls (Episode 40)

Listen to Episode 40 of the Rachel Holmes Podcast- an interview with Jayne Nicholls. Please share your thoughts on Twitter @RachelHolmes and let me know what you would like to see next?