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Menofit™ Menopause Health and Fitness Talk Podcast

Menofit™ Menopause Health and Fitness Talk   This is a talk I did for the Amazing Jane Community on Menopause Health and Fitness Tips. It’s a general overview of how to reframe your approach to health and fitness if you are Peri to Post Menopause. Let me know any questions you have and Ill answer

5 Reasons You Are Experiencing Midsection Weight Gain During Menopause with Rachel Holmes

5 Reasons You Are Experiencing Midsection Weight Gain During Menopause with Rachel Holmes QUICK TIP SOLO PODCAST EPISODE! In this week quickstep podcast I talk about the reason you may experience midsection weight gain during menopause and what you can do about it. Message me on IG @RachelLHolmes please subscribe to my Podcast for more!

NEW Podcast Episode Do You Struggle To Sleep?

Do you struggle to get a good nights sleep? Whenever I ask this at my talks, workshops and online groups; the majority of women tell me that they do NOT! Most struggle to either get to sleep or wake up regularly seeing 1am/2am/3am! I discuss my top tips for improving sleep and if the menopause

8 Steps to Stop Bloating Podcast with Rachel Holmes

8 Steps to Stop Bloating Do You struggle with bloating? It’s uncomfortable and unpleasant so I have 8 Tops Tips you can try that will really help. These tips are simple and can be even actioned the next time you eat a meal! I would LOVE to hear if these help and if you try

NEW Podcast Episode with Kim Ingleby of Energised Performance Mind Body Coaching.

My conversation today is with Kim Ingleby of Energised Performance Mind Body Coaching.   Kim has built a very successful and interesting coaching business with celebrity clients and elite athletes. We talk about how to run a fitness business when you are experiencing personal issues behind the scenes, being authentic and true to yourself and

NEW Business and Personal Development Podcast Series Episode 1 with guest Greg Sellar

In this new exciting series I interview Greg Sellar. I talk to Greg Sellar and discusses how overwhelm, self limiting beliefs, changing a negative mindset when faced with obstacles and reframing stressful situations can change your life on a daily basis. Greg recently relocated to LA from Sydney and previously the UK and how he

RACHEL HOLMES Solo Podcast Episode 3 -What is the latest on weightloss and nutrition?

With so much conflicting information on weightloss, food, fitness and diet, I chat about evidence based nutrition and how to take a long term and holistic approach to long lasting wellness. Taking a personilsed approach and working out an individualised programme that is managable and sustainable for your lifestyle is the key to long term

Rachel Holmes Solo Podcast Episode 2- What Shall I post?

SOLO PODCAST 2 WHAT SHALL I POST?   Building an online health and fitness business. Have you sat down at the computer and thought WTF I am going got post about today? Have you wracked your brain to think of “interesting content” that will resonate with your followers, audience and potential customers. In this podcast

Solo Podcast Show With Rachel Holmes #GirlsOnline

  EPISODE 1: Do You Want To Offer Your Services Or Create A Programme Online? – Solo Podcast Show With Rachel Holmes #GirlsOnline Thinking about offering something online but need advice, help and pointing in the right direction? I am totally honest, real and unedited on how to make a plan and what it takes

The Rachel Holmes Podcast Show NEW Interview talking Marketing for 2019 and Kelly’s new local Radio show

Listen to this inspiring new interview with Rachel Holmes, Creator of Kick Start, and Kick Start Coach for Sutton Coldfield Kelly Ravenscroft.   Kelly has run a successful business now since Kelly Ravenscroft is the  the founder of Keep Fit With Kelly; married to Jamie with 2 children, Jessica and Jude. Kelly has been a