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Mid Section Meltdown With Rachel Holmes 7 Day Unbelievable Results

☀️MID SECTION MELTDOWN RESULTS ARE IN!!☀️ 🙌Our 7 Day Lift Lean Midsection Meltdown with Rachel Holmes included 7 days of midsection focused workouts and nutrition and the results from our graduates has been fantastic. 🏃‍♀️We had such a positive week and the group were really buzzing!! 👏👏A BIG WELL DONE to everyone who took part

Spring Sprinter Results with Kick Start

Read some of our brilliant results from the 7 day Spring Sprinter online with Rachel Holmes In 7 days our group transformed their nutrition and learnt how to fit these changes into their lifestyle. Every day was a new workout to really boost their results too! Sal “2lbs lost 3/4 inch off waist and 1/2

Foods to fight depression

Depression is a growing problem in the UK and it is not so well known how much food can affect how you feel. Here are our top foods to fight depression: 1. Fill up on antioxidant foods: Mainly vegetables as fruit contains sugars. Sources of beta-carotene: apricots, broccoli, carrots,  peaches, pumpkin, spinach, sweet potato Sources of

Helen’s Juice Detox Diary KSFL Grays

Helen’s 7 day KSFL Juice Detox diary KSFL Grays Being a franchisee of Kick Start Fat Loss created by Rachel Holmes, we are always looking to implement new options to our Kick Start programmes and Rachel once again has come up with a really easy to use Juice Detox Plan. It is not a starvation programme