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Helen’s 7 day KSFL Juice Detox diary KSFL Grays

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Being a franchisee of Kick Start Fat Loss created by Rachel Holmes, we are always looking to implement new options to our Kick Start programmes and Rachel once again has come up with a really easy to use Juice Detox Plan. It is not a starvation programme you have one juice a day followed by two healthy meals, one of which is a soup but as with all the KSFL plans, you make it work for you the best way you can. We give guidance to helping you adopt a healthier lifestyle.
So not really being one for juices, particularly the green ones, I thought this could be tricky for me and could I get organised enough to have the ingredients to do the juices.
Well I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised — I like the drinks a lot and I haven’t found it difficult to have the ingredients around. Most of the green juice/smoothies have a mixture of avocado, cucumber, green leaves — spinach, kale, watercress, then carrots, celery, apple, pear, courgette, with the additions of KSFL Coconut Oil or a nut butter from time to time. I’ve omitted the beetroot partly because I keep forgetting to buy it but also because I find it very earthy. However I am going to make a conscientious effort to buy some and include it as the health benefits are huge from this wonderful vegetable.
The plan is a juice in the morning, followed by a homemade soup (and if you are getting the hang of juicing/blending, the soup will be easy) and then a healthy meal in the evening.
If you are looking to pick yourself back up, to put some goodness back into your body but you don’t really want to knock yourself out at the gym, this is a great plan to set you up on your healthier lifestyle journey and will give you a bit more energy so that you might reconsider the exercise option.
Even if after the plan you don’t continue juicing as much, I think it gives you the tools to start thinking about doing your own sauces and cooking more from scratch— it’s not that difficult and don’t tell me you don’t have time. It took me all of about 10–15 minutes to sweat off tomatoes, onions and peppers or whatever else you wish to include then use a blender or hand held mixer device and just blend them up — add water or coconut milk and voila you have a sauce that even my 13 year old son ate with no complaints or queries to where it came from and he is a chicken dipper boy in reality!
I actually think juicing/blending is going to be the best thing I have taken up this year because to be honest I don’t overly love eating Kale and it kind of affects my digestion, likewise cauliflower, cabbage but as a juice — no problem indigestion city no more!
I’m also finding that where I might have fancied a coffee by doing an almost daily ginger shot it’s really helping with those sort of cravings. Again it’s easy to do just juice up ginger with apple and I added some turmeric to really spice up those health benefits.

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Okay yes you will need either a juicer or a blender (nutri bullet) to make the juices and personally I would say get a nutri bullet to start with unless you really want to go for it with the juicing till you see how you get on.
I have a juicer which has in all honesty sat at the side of my kitchen for about six months and I do have a nutri bullet but I needed some guidance in how to juice quickly and simply and the KSFL Juice Detox has shown me the way so I am now actually using these appliances daily. Even the bigger blender has got involved — call me Gadget Queen from now on!

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So I’m at day 5 and will be attempting the Ultimate Green Juice for tomorrow (I haven’t stuck exactly to the juice shown on each day as sometimes I had more blend left so it got used the next day) and then it’s a Green soup — you can guess what’s in it.
You do have to do your juice/blend the night before if you want to make life easier but it really doesn’t take very long at all. I come in from teaching exercise at night and just pop it all in, wash things up and there you have it. I’m trying to keep the liquid in a glass container if possible for freshness.
The ladies who are also doing the juice plan with me seem to be finding no problem with the juices. Couple have over done the beetroot so that was gaggable but you learn what works for you. They are now beginning to feel that they are getting their mojo back after the Christmas slump and next week we will look at doing a bit more exercise.
For me this is the beginning of a longer juicing journey which I’m really excited about and it is also helping me learn more and more about what health benefits different foods have which is only a good thing.
Off to teach now. Have a go with the juicing and hopefully we will all learn to love the beetroot!!


Thanks Helen for sharing your detox diary!


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