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Do You Suffer With Your Back?

Back Aches, Back Problems, Back Pain….. This week I’m addressing lots of common ailments and niggles that affect you on a day to day, month to month even decade to decade. A trip to the GP will see medication prescribed in your 5 minute appointment.   We trot off, swallow our meds and get on

KSFL Chicken Raita

    Your NEW recipe video is here… a MUST try for the weekend!     KSFL CHICKEN RAITA Ingredients (serves 2- recipe not for detox) Chicken 2 breasts of organic LiveLean chicken (available atwww.kickstartfatloss.net/livelean) 2 tsp Kick Start Coconut Oil (available at www.kickstartfatloss.net/coconut) Himalayan salt and black pepper Raita 1/2 pot organic natural yoghurt

Family Breakfast ideas

As it’s half term I thought I’d send you over a few lovely breakfast ideas for the family. As a nation of cereal and toast eaters many people assume that certain cereals that are marketed as “healthy” provide a good start to the day. In reality they are the worst :-c ALL cereals send insulin

Does High Cholesterol Worry You?

Every single time I do a Kick Start talk guaranteed I get the Cholesterol question.   It’s such a worry for so many people. I encourage you to eat good fats and up the amount of good fats you eat daily and this rings alarm bells with anyone who has a history of high cholesterol.

Issue 13 Kick Start Fat Loss Magazine

Edition 13 Kick Start Fat Loss Digital Magazine Click here for the latest magazine  KS Mag 13 copy

Are you really a breakfast person?

Are YOU really a breakfast person? Have you had a sneaky feeling in the back of your mind that you are not actually hungry first thing? But you eat anyway thinking that is the healthy approach. BUT As soon as you do eat it seems to open the floodgates to being hungry all day? Is

Clean Slate – Literally & Chicken Tikka Masala

  I LOVE New Years Day.   So much more than NYE.   Clean slate, start again, new beginnings and all that jazz is where it’s at in my book 🙂   *******As I was blogging food popped into my mind (It does quite often) I thought “Oohhh  I really fancy making a curry for