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The Rescue Recipe Book Launch Nottingham

The KSFL Rescue Recipe Book was launched in the beautiful Stanford House, Nottingham, on the 26th August 2015. The evening was buzzing, Mairi’s Fizztastic clean fruit juices were flowing, the food was to die for, and the atmosphere was brilliant! Three of our most inspirational ladies Lisa, Lynette and Lesley travelled up to speak on the

10 steps to becoming an exercise addict

We all have those friends that NEVER miss a day at the gym and are always looking forward to their next 10km! Creating the drive to exercise can be so hard especially with a busy lifestyle, work and children! The good news is we can ALL be fitness obsessed! Try these ten tips! 1 Get up earlier

Grab the Kick Start Home Workout DVDS while on OFFER

  The Kick Start Fat Loss Home Workout DVD’s with Rachel Holmes Volume 1, Volume 2 & Volume 3 On Offer Today   KSFL Home Workout DVD 1 – £10 + VAT + Postage Its a great DVD containing 4 x 30minute workouts that you can easily do at home. Click to play 4 x

Friday Motivation

Have you got that #FridayFeeling? Or are you dreading trying to stay on track over the weekend?! Fridays are always hard to stay on track with invites to BBQ’s, Parties and nights out! HOW WILL I AVOID THE TABLES FILLED WITH CHOCOLATE CAKES, CHIPS AND MOJITOS?! BREATHE… Focus on preparing your food for the weekend,

The NEW Kick Start Virgin Coconut Oil and it’s benefits

THE NEW KICK START VIRGIN COCONUT OIL   Coconut Oil is now widely known to provide many health benefits and as a highly nutritious health food. Coconut oil can be used in cooking, beauty and medicine. At Kick Start we use Coconut Oil to cook daily and in most of our recipe books; so we

Balancing Body Breakfast Juice From Kick Start Fat Loss

Here is another one of our famous Juices. This is The Balancing Body Breakfast Juice and its a wonderful Juice to start your day with. You can whizz this up in a juicer / blender I have a Vitamix which really does the trick Have a go an see what you all think?   Who

Lets Set The Scene For a Positive, Healthy & Productive Week Ahead

 Lets Set Is littleness & thinking small trapping you? You are never a victim. If you don’t like something, you really do have the power to change it. You can walk away. Leave it behind. Create something new. Change direction. Try a new nutrition programme. Take a new class. In Fact. Start Over. We are

Is Tap Water Making You Fat & Sick ? What Is The Deal With Tap Water

 We are huge advocates of drinking natural / filtered /mineral water here at Kick Start, and it’s one of the most commonly asked questions…. “Why would I pay for mineral water” “What is wrong with my tap water” As always, my aim is to arm you with up to date research, studies & info helping

Kick Start Detox Blend

I keep experimenting with different blends of vegetables to see which combinations taste the best. This is my latest concoction. This is perfect if you are following the Kick Start Detox plan & it’s a great way to start your day or if you are fasting the perfect blend to break your fast with. Whizz