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Kick Start Fat Loss Basics – Start Right Now

Making big changes to your diet one item at a time could be the best way for YOU to: * Reach your fatloss goals * Get into the best shape of your life * Feel energetic every day. * Banish aches, pains, skin complaints, IBS, migraines, tiredness & fatigue, PMT, * Happy mood & stressfree

Kick Start Clean Xmas Pudding

Here are more of our delightful clean Kick Start FAB Xmas recipes from Kick Start Business Owner Mairi Taylor I could eat this right now for breakfast!       If you make this leave a comment below! or sign up to one of my free programmes. 7 Day Fitness Pilates Workouts click here 7

Business Owner, Mum of 3 & KSFL Franchisee Danni Evans Goes From a Size 16 to a size 10 with Kick Start

PRESS RELEASE         Danni Evans (38) is Director of Fitness2 Improve, which includes managing her highly successful  businesses, Basecamp Health & Fitness Centre,  High Aerial Studio and Kick Start Fat Loss Franchisee. She is also an approved Training Provider for CYQ and Antigravity UK Trainer. The exceptionally busy mum of 3 used

Finish 2014 Strong, Lean, Fit & Healthy

    Even though there it’s only 3 weeks to go before the end of 2014 you can still finish the year feeling on top, top form.   YES YOU CAN!   You don’t have to let everything go and leave it till January to sort out your diet, health & nutrition.     There’s

Kick Start FAB Mini Xmas Puddings

Huge Thanks to Mairi Taylor Kick Start Business Owner in Leicestershire   Please send us a picture if you make these Id Love to see them! Tweet me @KSFLUK @RachelHolmes   Have a great day Love Rachel xxx     For all Fitpros who want to reach more people, earn more money & have a

The Latest Kick Start Quick Tips To Get Lean – & Stay Lean Over Christmas!

Here are some super quick tips to getting lean & maintaining all of your hard work through December. It’s so tempting to say…… “Oh its Christmas I’ll eat……xyz”(Anything & Everything) But, YOU have worked so hard all year on your nutrition, fitness & mindset don’t mess it up instead,you can sail through Christmas by just

Kick Start Launches in Ireland – Press RELEASE

    The UK’s fastest growing Diet & Fitness Kick Start Fat Loss Club launched in the Republic of Ireland this week in Drogheda with huge interest & uptake. Rachel Holmes, Creator of Kick Start, and Laura Armarda Buch, Ireland’s Business Owner, launched the concept at the LAB Fitness Studios to 30 of Ireland’s most

3 Egg Hash Breakfast idea

Heres another Kick Start Breakfast Idea Its the 3 Egg Hash – Enjoy Have you signed up for the FREE 14 Day Body Blitz Plan – Workouts, Diet Plan & Motivation click here

Salmon & Tomato Muffins

Salmon & Tomato Muffins   I love to send you a mouth watering recipe idea & this is no exception. I was just flicking through Katy Pipers book of affirmations & I saw this one…..Its a good one don’t you think? “A negative mind will never give you a positive life” How awesome is that?

Kick Start Clean Christmas Cake

Here it is our Kick Start Clean Christmas Cake     Thank you to Sarah Bragg from Kick Start Fat Loss Melton for this awesome recipe Please post us your pictures if you decide to make this awesome recipe Have you signed up for the Free 14 day Kick Start Body Blitz Challenge ? Click