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Business Owner, Mum of 3 & KSFL Franchisee Danni Evans Goes From a Size 16 to a size 10 with Kick Start

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Business Owner, Mum of 3 & KSFL



Danni Evans (38) is Director of Fitness2 Improve, which includes managing her highly successful  businesses, Basecamp Health & Fitness Centre,  High Aerial Studio and Kick Start Fat Loss Franchisee. She is also an approved Training Provider for CYQ and Antigravity UK Trainer.

The exceptionally busy mum of 3 used to weigh in at 13 stone and constantly wore baggy size 16 clothes.

A fully qualified Fitness Instructor, since 18 Danni’s weight had escalated and even though she was teaching lots of classes, she was eating the typical diet of most Fitness Instructors at the time.

“I ate the typical old skool food pyramid” Says Danni

“Then wondered why, year after year, I was putting on more and  more weight despite doing tons of classes and over training”

Danni’s typical diet would consist of cereal, fruit snacking every 2 hours, jacket potatoes and beans for lunch, more fruit snacking, then a big dinner later at night after getting home from teaching.

“The nightmare for me, as with so many fitness Instructors, was I could never get any results unless I limited intake, which I couldn’t cope with as I needed fuel for exercise. I seemed to be in a no win situation with the weight piling on”

Danni had attended training and workshops with the Kick Start creator Rachel Holmes many times over the years and when Rachel ran her on Kick Start courses for Instructors Danni jumped on and fell in love with the concept and the results.

“I’m now 10.7 st and wear a size 10 /12 though the style is tight on arms, the muscles got too strong!!  A different training regime for Crossfit has changed my physique, so I’m heavier than my lightest (9st 8) but I’m fitter and stronger. I feel comfortable around the 10 1/2st and can fluctuate 7lbs in a matter of days”

But how does she juggle family life, 3 children, and working with her husband in the family businesses?

“It’s tricky BUT we have to make some time. Week long holidays are out of the question, so we make the most of seasonal holidays and we close for a few days. Weekends we make plans and make sure we give the kids time. They come to the gym and see how we work, which is valuable education for them, observing what hard work achieves.
I work online during the day around classes, and  work late after the kids are in bed.   Slowly but surely we’re working on giving ourselves time out, but we are both happy to do what we are doing – it’s what we chose. We could both be stuck in the education system not getting anywhere, fighting education politics with long days, kids in and out of school clubs and still having to do marking and prepping at night.”

Danni is a hugely motivational role model in the local community for so many, not only for her body transformation but she truly walks the walk and talks the talk.

Her classes are buzzing and busy and she has helped thousands of people all over the world achieve amazing weight loss goals with her Online Kick Start Fat Loss Clubs and initiatives.

But what about the kids, do they eat and embrace the clean eating Kick Start programme?

“The kids are 14, 9 and 6.  They eat partly the KSFL way but still have other items.  They like to do what we do, very active in the gym and see being healthy and fit as a normal part of our family life. They do get treats and will eat a balance – I’d say 60% clean 40%

“With regards to becoming a franchisee, this is the BEST most supportive group of people I’ve ever worked with. The satisfaction of being able to offer advice that works is great and the clients I get are amazing and achieve such fantastic results”

Future goals for Danni include taking on more instructors to ease the teaching pressure off

“I want to develop Kick Start  throughout Shropshire and have sub contractors run their own clubs. I want to continue online and develop that side of things, but work on managing a team and mentoring.  Make Shropshire a clean eating county”



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