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Inspiring Stories From KSFL Lincoln

I don’t know if you have all seen or heard about The Kick Start fat loss programmes I run? My names Sarah hogan and I run The Fitness movement in Lincoln. My ladies have been getting the most incredible results not only through the change in their bodies but their health and happiness too. I’d

As an emotional eater, Louise has found she is now less stressed and is now more in control with KSFL

Louise has dropped two dress sizes with KSFL Lincoln. KSFL isn’t just for weight loss for Louise though it’s a much bigger picture and Louise her two daughters and two friends all come together as a big supportive family unit and it’s life changing for them. “After tragic events which turned our lives upside down,

Kick Start Member Of The Week Nominations 12/10/16

  Every week we ask our Kick Start Franchisees to nominate a special member that has been shining in their classes and open the vote to the public to find the winner! The winner then receives a prize and certificate in the post to thank them for all of their hard work!   Here are

Tips for working out in the heat

Wellness stars question of the week: What are your top tips for working out in the heat? Natalie Hill KSFL Gibraltar This ones for me as 30+ most July and August! 1. Workout VERY first thing in the morning as energies higher and temp cooler at that time. 2. Drink 3-4 litres per day 3.

Sarah struggled with the pressures of her weight as a professional dancer and later battled further struggles with food but now she is back on track and knows exactly how to stay in control

Hi I’m Sarah and I am the KSFL Franchisee for the Lincoln area, I have had a strange relationship with food and weight my whole life with a history in professional dancing and a slow spiral of bad eating habits…I know about the pressures… “I’ve had a very strange relationship with food for all my

Welcoming the new Kick Start Franchisee for Lincoln

We would like to say a MASSIVE WELCOME to our new Franchisee for Lincoln Sarah Hogan! Sarah follows the KSFL lifestyle through and through and is going to make a great instructor we can’t wait to see what she has in store! Hear her story below:   Hi I’m Sarah Hogan ( or Sez to