Sarah struggled with the pressures of her weight as a professional dancer and later battled further struggles with food but now she is back on track and knows exactly how to stay in control

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Hi I’m Sarah and I am the KSFL Franchisee for the Lincoln area, I have had a strange relationship with food and weight my whole life with a history in professional dancing and a slow spiral of bad eating habits…I know about the pressures…

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“I’ve had a very strange relationship with food for all my life!” Sound familiar ?

As a child i wasn’t interested in food and was very active due to all my dancing lessons. I never once thought about my weight and was very slim.

I then went to professional dance college and it’s when it all started to change.

They were obsessed with your weight and food and I started to follow the trend, eating rubbish food,then hardly eating to lose the weight I’d put on.

This was a cycle that continued as a professional dancer being told you’re fat when weighing 9 stone and at a height of 5’7 ( with broad shoulders and boobs) is the kind of industry I was in.

At my lowest weight as a dancer I was 7 1/2 stone and at my highest 9 stone 10 pounds (obese in the world I was in!!). Looking the part was very important.

Going forward many years I got married to a fabulous chap ( Boysie nickname long story!) who at nearly 6’3 could eat anything he wanted and not put on a pound so I followed his eating habits and got slowly bigger. (At this time I wasn’t really teaching either I was on a break so to speak!)

I then decided to start back teaching fitness and I found Zumba! So I was working full time and teaching Zumba a few times a week and I came across a website called Choreography to Go!

I loved it and was immediately drawn to this enthusiastic woman my age living nearby called Rachel Holmes.

This lead to me doing various courses with her (online and off), and buying the six week Fitness Pilates Bootcamp which myself and a few of my ladies followed with great results!) then BOOOM I found the KSFL programme.

WOW! No counting calories, clean eating (lots of) and amazing and quick results! I loved it and followed the plan to the letter for two years. I mentored in some of Rachel’s online groups and loved it all, I looked fab and I felt fab, I think I lost near to three stone in total and a ridiculous amount of inches and it was a way of life.

My business was doing well, we’d sold a house ( we both had houses when we met) and I was financially in a place where I could live the dream and quit the day job and go full-time with my dance and fitness business all encourage by the wonderful,and supportive Rachel.

Sounds amazing? Yes it was but it’s when my food habits changed for the worse. I was so busy building up my business that I had no time for me. All the processed rubbish started creeping back in and the weight started piling back on, I was really happy though and to be honest I didn’t really notice or worry too much. But I felt a fraud helping people to lose weight when I was doing exactly the opposite.

I then had a terrible year with family bereavement . My God-Mother, Cousin and Uncle all passed in the same year. My Uncle was like my dad ( I never knew mine ) and my hero. He had cancer and the family watched him go from a vibrant, proud ex naval officer to suffering terribly (always in dignity though). When he passed I turned to food for comfort and although being very active I was also very large!

I then injured my back and foot and couldn’t train so I was on a downward spiral of eating for comfort getting upset that I was fat and then eating for comfort again.

This had to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One month ago I’d had enough of being the size I am and looked at KSFL again. I knew it worked I knew I slept better, looked better and felt so much healthier whilst on it. So I not only embarked on the KSFL lifestyle I went for it and became a Franchisee!! (in for a penny etc!)

Now one month on I’m 12 pounds lighter ( I know scales are for fish but it’s still good!) my waist is 4 inches smaller and I feel so much better!

Mentally I feel stronger, my asthma has improved and I feel more confident. Yes there are days when I have a bit of a wobble but I’m back in control of my food and it doesn’t matter as I’m in it for the long term lifestyle change.

I’ve still a long way to go to get back to my healthiest weight but that’s fine, I’m in no rush! It’s going a bit slower than last time as I’m in menopause now but I’ve noticed that eating the KSFL way has helped with the restless nights and the hot sweats! ( isnt’ it rubbish ladies?) so If you are suffering from those symptoms I thoroughly advise to join a KSFL plan!

I’m now feeling happy and confident and I can’t wait to help other women like me not only lose inches but feel confident in their own skin and that’s what I intend to do with my KSFL business.

KSFL and my lovely friend Rachel holmes have changed my life and I can’t wait to change peoples lives and have lots of happy, healthy women in my classes.

Thank you Rachel xxx


Thanks for sharing your story Sarah I know there will be a lot of people who can relate to some/ all of this story and we are so proud to have you on board.

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