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Our KSFL Franchisees’ Kitchen Equipment Essentials

This week’s WELLNESS STARS QUESTION OF THE WEEK “What is your kitchen equipment essential for KSFL Clean Eating?” Here is what our Franchisees said were their most important pieces of kitchen equipment for clean eating Kick Start style:   Heather Pring KSFL West Somerset Mine would have to be a good set of pans including 2

Fast Juicer from Salter

We were extremely happy to receive a new juicer today from Salter and WOW it is fast! This one is perfect for speedy juicers as it is far faster plus no chopping needed!   Model: Salter 800w Whole Fruit Juicer Price: £99.99 Website LINK       This one was very different from the slow juicers

Nutri Pro 1000 speedy smoothies for on the go!

Today we used our Nutri Pro 1000 from Salter to make a NEW KSFL smoothie recipe! It was so easy to put together and use so check out our review! It came with extra storage cups and lids which are really useful for a smoothie on the go. Then to use it you simply fill

Salter Multi Cooker- It’s a MUST HAVE

Our Multi Cooker from Salter has been so valuable to our Pop Up Studio in Nottingham … we have not stopped using it! Here is our review! Details: Model: Salter 1500 Watt 5 Litre 8 In 1 Multi Cooker Price: £79.99 LINK TO WEBSITE  The price is FANTASTIC for everything you can do with it… You can use