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Launching Elevate Autumn 2019 Starting 2nd September

Launching Elevate Autumn 2019 New Programme Starts on 2nd September.   Hi   As you have been on one of my online programmes in the past I’d like to invite you the check out the latest ELEVATE which starts on 2nd September and runs until 29th November.  Elevate 2019 is about getting in the very best shape

Elevate 28 Day September Super Results

WOW we are so proud of our 28 day results coming in from Rachel Holmes Elevate group online! This group has been so driven and the results really show… read more:   Ruth Dollen 3x super sculpt work out no scales but lost 13 inches so pleased can really see big changes in my mindset,

Warming Autumn Soup Recipes from Kick Start

The cold weather is upon us as we are well and truly in Autumn now so what better for a lunch or dinner than a warming soup! These are some of our favourite Autumn soup recipes and we hope you love them too!   Join me on the October Elevate click here Transform your nutrition,

New Home Workouts and Weight Loss Tips

Hello The schools are going back and normal life is slowly resuming after a brilliant summer. Therefore if you are using today as an opportunity to begin “thinking” about your return to fitness and getting back on the health train I’ve added some simple home workouts you can easily start begin with this week. For busy

Elevate Sweaty Selfies The Group Is Open and Preparing

The Elevate group has opened and the team are preparing for the 3rd September start! The great thing about our Kick Start online programmes is the the support within our online groups- a place to ask questions, share progress/ thoughts, share foodie ideas, stay accountable and Rachel posts the live daily coaching here too. Being

KSFL Thetford September Re Launch

Friday 8th September The Core Studio, Thetford relaunched KSFL. Owner Michelle Jermy has recently returned to teaching, personal training & KSFL after the birth of her daughter Juno. Knowing only too well the journey back to a previous pre pregnancy body image and mindset she is looking forward to coaching many on the transformation of

Reset your September morning routine

Now the Summer holidays are over it is time to get back to the real world! This means back to early mornings, school routines and the every day grind. It is time to RESET and get yourself into a healthy morning routine and here is how: 1. Set your alarm an hour or two earlier.

Venue Confirmed Mind.Body.Fit Harbour Club Kensington

Mind.Body.Fit. EVENT With Rachel Holmes Jayne Nicholls VENUE: The Harbour Club Kensington.   SUNDAY 17th SEPTEMBER – 1 – 5pm Afternoon.   The Harbour Club Kensington. Click here to see the club details       Jayne and Rachel are reuniting for an afternoon of wellness, masterclasses and talks.   Did you used to come to the Athletes

Kick Start September Launch Special Magazine

This month has been very busy with KSFL clubs all over the UK, Ireland and Gibraltar launching their clubs and new programmes… see behind the scenes in this month’s magazine PLUS Rachel talks food for health and hormones! Read this month’s September launch special magazine HERE

Can you do a sugar free Tuesday?

Are you still struggling with SUGAR? Over the last few days you may have been consuming ALOT of it! I have done a tour of Kick Start launches all over the UK every year and the biggest PROBLEM everyone says is……. How Do I Stop Eating Sugar? Just start one day at a time. And