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The Elevate group has opened and the team are preparing for the 3rd September start!

The great thing about our Kick Start online programmes is the the support within our online groups- a place to ask questions, share progress/ thoughts, share foodie ideas, stay accountable and Rachel posts the live daily coaching here too.

Being part of a big group is a great way to stay motivated and we invite you to join us!

So what’s the line up?

September is  28 day TOTAL BODY RESET, October is LIFT LEAN MIND & BODY, November is SUPERCHARGE RESULTS.

Daily Workout. Daily weight loss & wellness video and LIVE coaching all ONLINE. It’s so convenient and results orientated. I’ll be leading you through this with LIVE coaching in the Facebook group.

This is going to be brilliant for your planning, results and goals.

2018 has been a phenomenal year for my courses. LIFT LEAN with the 5:2 Diet has worked so well for so many people. It has literally been a game changer and is the unlock to great results physically and mentally.

I teach you how to eat healthily and lose weight in the week, work on your daily habits and non-negotiables, mindset and motivation which gives you wiggle room at the weekend to enjoy additional food and drink without sabotaging your efforts, your progress, health or goals.

***Daily coaching in the Facebook group keeps you on track and I can serve you in a much deeper way, answering your questions and providing you with the best support and motivation. I can personalise things for you and make this fit into your lifestyle.

*** Daily HOME workouts – I have found the sweet spot of a 7 minute workout using minimal equipment that can be repeated if necessary for a longer 14 minute workout plus a daily bonus workout is the perfect way to get phenomenal mental and physical results.

****I have so many videos that if you need lower options or alternatives I can make sure you are catered for.

**** Daily nutritional video explaining what to eat, how to eat, how to fit it into a busy lifestyle, have a social life and work it in with family life. This is KEY to long term success and sustainability.

Plus meal plans, cooking ideas, vegetarian and pescatarian options.


purchase each individual month click here


Join the team and ELEVATE your health, wellbeing, fitness and nutrition!

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