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Now the Summer holidays are over it is time to get back to the real world!

This means back to early mornings, school routines and the every day grind.

It is time to RESET and get yourself into a healthy morning routine and here is how:

1. Set your alarm an hour or two earlier.

You’ll have more energy and be more creative, PLUS more time to prepare for the day.


If you hit the snooze you are more likely to feel groggy and lack energy so don’t ignore the alarm!

2. Get a good breakfast.

Keep it simple and healthy- prep the night before and take with you. Make sure you have lunch packed too to keep energy levels high and control damage limitation in the afternoon slump.

3. Fit in a 10 minute HIIT  before the rest of the world wakes up

Join Rachel every morning for a quick HIIT workout that will leave you feeling energised and ready for the day. PLUS when you feel tied after work there is no need to drag yourself to the gym.

What are your top tips to a great morning? Let us know


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