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Fancy a KSFL Breakfast Salad

Do you want more Kick Start Clean Meal Ideas YES??  Get your free receipes here   Fancy a delicious Breakfast Salad for a change Ditching the cereal, tea and toast in a morning does take some getting used but once you make the change you are doing your body & health THE best favor. You

Nottingham Derby Cambridge Kick Start Fat Loss Local

Thank you for your interest in teaching Kick Start Fat Loss Classes. This is a pilot scheme I am expanding in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, South Yorkshire & Leicestershire.   I am looking for qualified Instructors and  Personal Trainers to become a Kick Start Fat Loss Consultants & Leaders. We are still only reaching a fraction of

Perfect Pancakes for Monday

Have you made Protein Pancakes before? It’s the perfect day to give them a shot! Using your fav protein powder, here is a little youtube clip with me showing you how to do it. (Deliah Holmes alert!) As it’s motivational Monday.. Are you ready for the week ahead? It’s remarkable how your brain gets activated

Clean KSFL Coconut Energy Bars – Give them a try

More Kick Start Fat Loss Healthy Happy Energy Bars Happy Friday So easy to make for the weekend Thanks to Danni Evans & Sharon from KSFL® Shrewsbury Have a great day Love Rachel xxx ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Do you need more Kick Start Fat Loss Food Ideas? I launched my Kick Start YOUR Fat loss – The

How To Make Fatburning KSFL Rice

We are ALWAYS asked about this…… Cauliflower (Faux)  Rice   When eating the Kick Start Fat Loss lifestyle you often miss that bulky rice taste, texture & feel as a side to your meals. And whilst I know for many of you Cauliflower Rice is a daily staple here is a quick refresher on how

Are You Ready to Get Some Food Discipline Back Today

It’s MONDAY so lets get some food discipline back into your life. “Get Back On It Today”   Quick Motivational KSFL® Tips from Rachel 1: Aim to get up 15minutes earlier & do a quick 10 min HIIT Workout. Then whatever the day throws at you, it’s all cool. You have done a great workout.

Are You Up For Celebrating?

Often we get so focused with THE BIG plans, dreams, goals, ideas… To open that Studio/Gym/Business/Coffee shop/Restaurant… To  attain your desired Body/Fitness/Flexibility/Strength/Energy levels…… To move to LA/Cannes/Barbados/Cornwall…. Finally create that online business to sustain a carefree lifestyle of travel, exploration & adventure. Plan the perfect Wedding/Family/Home/Garden Well, You know what your big lofty goals are…..

Kick Start YOUR Fat Loss Book

Order today PLUS Special Book & DVD Package Kick Start YOUR Fat Loss The Ultimate 30 Day Detox Programme by Rachel Holmes. A glossy cover spiral bound book with 30 breakfasts/lunches/dinners meal ideas plus DETOX principals & information. *Key KSFL FATLOSS principals & strategies * Meal Planners * The KSFL Elimination Plan for 30 days

Do You Want It Faster?

  The Magic Bullet….. In 2014 we want everything quick. Quick Quick Quick Fast Fatloss Fast Food Fast 30min HIIT workouts Fit by Friday “Just give me the facts fast Rach so I can lose weight/be thinner/be fitter/fit more into my day/be more productive,create a new business…..NOW” Everyone wants it NOW & So quick. Fast

KSFL Clean Pizza & Passata

While the Kiddies are on Easter holiday why not create a healthy Pizza for lunch today As with all our recipes this is super easy & enjoyable to make. What do you think?   Give it a go.         Have the most exciting & memorable day Tweet me @RachelHomes I love to